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  • Hey fella ;)

    I'm alright! Same old story vis a vis employment and mental stability but at least things are moderately stable - I just wish I could make some damn headway as the Government seem totally disinterested in helping me do a ****ing thing. Spent recent weeks helping my brother renovate his late Victorian house (lucky bugger has a family and no mortgage + a dream home and he's 5 years younger than me) so I haven't been inactive....

    .....I've been falling into my usual pattern of helping everyone except for me!

    Physically fine apart from a nagging leg injury which stops me running and if I could find a teacher I'd be part-way motivated into picking up the guitar - Heck I'd even SELL the bloody thing at the moment just to have some cash......

    Same old same old.

    Yourself? :)
    Sadly mate I need the money now - I keep talking crap to Fred about selling it and then changing my mind but the truth of the matter is simply that I'm skint so any pretensions I ever had towards being a guitarist are once more shat on by my increasing inability to deal with real life.

    Happened before in 1992 when I had to sell gear to pay bills as I was finding it so hard to cope various situations I had to have a month off work....then a car crash.....

    Still, at least your CTS is on the mend!
    Not played in a couple of months or more - hard to get motivated when all my favourite players are so far out of my league, even for coping a couple of licks.

    I suck, therefore I don't need that guitar and yeah......need the money dude.

    CTS sucks - is that from playing too much or a work-related injury?
    I don't want that friggin' guitar in my possession forever =/

    Sadly as before I can't afford lessons, can't get motivated and badly need the money so my hands are tied.
    I was trying to sell the Carvin but I'm really torn about it and would like to see it go to a good home such as yourself or if it's outside your budget, then Fred. I haven't even touched a guitar in months because I just got tired of sucking so badly...

    At the moment I can't even afford to post it so I'm limited to people collecting the bloody thing which does limit my options somewhat.
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