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    Flaxwood Guitars now available at The Axe Palace !

    This is just for anyone considering having a 24-fret model made by their custom shop. I emailed them a few weeks ago and here's the response
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    Has anyone ever bought a guitar from Drum City Guitarland?

    Thanks for all the replies, guys. While on the subject, has anyone ever purchased a guitar from ProMusicTools? They seem to have a huge range of stuff so I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with them.
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    What's the most ignorant thing anyone has ever said to you about music?

    A friend of mine who's an amazing tech and a part time builder lent me his self-built 30" 8 string for a few days, so I take it to a store that I like very much, into their climate controlled room to try out some amps and such. There was another guy there, playing his custom shop fender into...
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    Has anyone ever bought a guitar from Drum City Guitarland?

    I see. Do you mind telling me where you go for ESPs, because I've been thinking and it seens a Horizon ii offers better value for money imo.
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    Has anyone ever bought a guitar from Drum City Guitarland?

    I am in the market for a quality sixer and I'm looking at a new ebmm jp6. The only problem is that over here, they cost around US$3500 for the standard 6 string, so I figure it'll be cheaper to import one than have local dealers order one for me. I notice DCGL has quite a decent selection, but...
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    Periphery Album News and Sampler Clip!!

    didn't he get bronchitis or something like that?
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    What is the stupidest injury you've inflicted on yourself?

    happened yesterday, i was shaving, and i put the razour on this small rack next to my mirror. It slipped, fell, and sliced my small toe. It took me 2 hours to stop the bleeding.
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    Any south africans?

    Sups? Fellow Joburger here. This probably belongs in new members intros, but what are mods for right?
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    New BKP painkiller - noisy and not defined at all!

    A possible cause could be that because BKPs are 'hand-wound', there might be a few that are manufactured but end up not sounding as they normally would. I'm no tech so I can't really comment on wiring issues. I'm sure a few others here are more useful at that.
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    The status of your local music scene

    In Johannesburg, there is NO scene for metal music. For the most part, there are quite a few rap/hip-hop acts (this is Africa remember), quite a few random, limp-wristed alternative bands, and some ska acts. I don't even think we've even seen a real metal band here in decades. Nile was...
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    Guitar Magazines

    Guitar World is hopeless for improving your playing, and the reviews of gear on the cd-roms are often terrible. Some of the artist spots and interviews they do are quite interesting. Guitar Techniques, on the other hand, is wonderful.
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    Engl Invader 100, Axe-fx Ultra, or Mesa dual rectifier roadster??

    I own both the axe fx and the roadster, and after two years of tweaking with my roadster, trying a plethora of pedals, tubes, cables, guitars etc etc, I am still more satisfied with my axe fx more than anything I have tried. So much so that I am getting rid of my roadster in favour of something...
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    The Axe Palace's NAMM 2010 Pic/Vidstory Spectacular! (~300 Pix: 2.0GHz+/1GB+ Warning)

    ^ I must have misread the specs. They do indeed have lockable tuners. I suppose anyone will be able to put in blackouts, but I was contemplating a few other options so I thought I may as well ask for them. I'd appreciate it if you could ask them about 24 frets. I would send an email myself...
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    The Axe Palace's NAMM 2010 Pic/Vidstory Spectacular! (~300 Pix: 2.0GHz+/1GB+ Warning)

    yeah, i was thinking of having blackouts put in the aija and maybe some locking tuners. I suppose it's a little drastic to ask for 24 frets.