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    Do Jacksons sound worse than ESPs?

    trem vs fixed thats too big of a difference to be able to compare them
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    Any metal bands you don't get?

    if you dont like the chaos listen to divine intervention
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    Erik Rutan BC Rich Ironbird 7

    i don't say it's cheap, but if i wanted an ironbird, i surely won't buy a dime if we talk investments, thats maybe different
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    Erik Rutan BC Rich Ironbird 7

    kind of weird comparison they are different guitars
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    Pickups ESP Horizon

    maybe put the 85 in the bridge first
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    EBMM Abasi Kaizen

    needs the appropriate headstock
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    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    it could be worse like those kramer inlays
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    Kiesel quality control

    i know when shipped long distance many detune/loosen the strings to relief tension from the neck, so maybe they just didnt tune it for that reason and just put your springs in the case....
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    NGD: Ibanez RG1527 Prestige in Royal Blue (and a HMMMM... moment)

    i've had way more rg's w/out cracks than with, from 90s to 00s but yeah sellers tend to hide them in pictures
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    Looking at getting this ESP... Anyone seen one like it?

    they exist, but i don't recall seing one in matte
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    Jackson MIJ DKR MAH Dinky

    i mostly buy used and specifically look after this possible issue. and never had one that had its neck shifted in transport. of course its more tragic if a neck thru has this problem and i`ve seen many
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    Jackson MIJ DKR MAH Dinky

    maybe an cnc calibration problem on this particular model where the neck joint is cut unprecisely if you shift the neck be careful not to cause any cracks

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