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    A good setup is so critical to getting the most out of your ERG

    The pick up hieght was probably the contributing factor, as opposed to any of the other changes. But I know a good set up goes a long way toward the perceived quality of the overall experience.
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    NAD: Mesa Stiletto Deuce 100w amp head

    Trun it up dood, or move the camera by the amp, too much acoustic pick on string to hear the amp. Also....guitar is bizaro....somethings backwards :)
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    NAD: Mesa Stiletto Deuce 100w amp head

    They are very nice amps. I tried to get a Trident for a few years that sat at my local GC, but they just would not come down on it. It sat there for years, rusted iron in the back, at $799. My favorite thing about it, the FX loop with output level control, so it could be used a strictly a power...
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    The Tube Thread

    Sorry, I but I run all digital now, so I guess I should stay out of it. :) I believe the Mesas were hand picked 5th and 7th gen Sinos or Shuguangs, but even the modern SPAX7 are pretty good. The best I have ever heard though, are by far NOS RFT (Telefunkin?) ECC83, but they are a risk as are...
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    The Tube Thread

    Chinese Mesas.
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    SD Sentient 7 alternatives

    Crazy I know, but Distortion Neck, is the way to go. Or the Black Winter.
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    Speaker and Cabinet question

    G-flex 212
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    Official Axe-Fx Q&A thread!

    I always turn off speaker res when using a guitar cab, regardless of power amp, especially at high volumes. To me, it makes the rest of the parameters act more amp like in the rest of the amp block. Some people think it sounds like a "blanket" over the cab, but it sound natural to me, just add...
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    Headrush frfr 112 vs 5153 vs Drummer

    The 108 or 112 will be just fine, unless your drummer uses a big PA and mics his kit, in which case you should run a line as well.
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    My setup for a baritone guitar

    Wow, that's a lot of cab to tote. Not the ideal gig rig, but probably lots of fun at home or practice.
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    Am I Stepping Out of Bounds?

    Shorten your strap.
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    Lowest String on RG8 really quiet compared to the others

    Bad pickups, or dead string, the string bieng loose has nothing to do with it.
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    NAD: gsp1101 (with the update)

    If it seems a little "fizzy" be sure your I/O settings are right for your setup. Also moving the comp does have a major effect, even if it's off.
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    NAD: gsp1101 (with the update)

    Only the compressor position can be changed, IIRC.
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    Boosting (tightening) a 5153 with a Klone

    Best clean boost EVAR...