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i love you., from africa, AF

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    1. PanzerJag
      Could you be so kind to send pictures of your V7 to ?
      Im gettin one soon :)
    2. ilikes2shred
      This is similar to the second pic: [IMG]

      Although the other one was better. I don't know why it doesn't work any more... (it did work just after I posted it.)

      If I were you I would also buy some black dye (or make some....) to highlight the flame and maybe do a burst. It will help soooo much.

      I have actually used the Minwax wipe-on high gloss poly on a guitar before (The THING) but never over tung oil. The poly is extremely fast and smooth at a medium gloss. Probably my favorite finish I have ever tried.
    3. ilikes2shred
      The heel on it now is a gibson type heel like this: [IMG]

      I just think that you should smooth out that little ledge to something a little more like this: [IMG]

      Taking off too much can weaken the neck joint though, so be careful.
      To actually change the heel, I'd just use a rasp and then sandpaper. I wouldn't touch much more than just the little ledge to smooth it out, and maybe make the line it forms with the back of the body a little more fluid.

      I personally just dislike the gibson type heel, but if you don't mind it, then don't bother changing it.

      Did you decide to dye and tung oil the neck too?
    4. ilikes2shred
      Also, redo the heel!!!!!!!! For that you can just use a rasp and sandpaper from home depot.
    5. ilikes2shred
      Well, I'd say that you could just give the neck an oil finish. I would really recommend dying the veneer though. You'd just need analine dye. With black and any other color, you can get really good figure to show, and bursts and other interesting things are possible. Then you could dye the neck to match, slap on an oil finish, and you an awesome looking guitar with a crazy fast neck! all with minimal work. Probably cheaper than paint anyway.

      I've been eyeing down this tamo for a while>> TAMO /JAPANESE ASH -Wood Veneer 2.7sf #89N 25x15" 1pc - eBay (item 260344371321 end time Feb-08-09 06:58:41 PST)

      You could also do a lacewood veneer..... IF YOU DARE!!!! (check my threads)
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