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  • Hey Jaek!

    I was wondering how to get a rhythm guitar sound like on Ashes To Ashes!
    I really love it because it's brutal but also djenty.

    Would you give me some settings or presets or can you help me how to get that (or a similar) sound?
    I'm using Pod Farm 2.5 Platinum.

    Would be really really happy about an answer!!

    Greets from Europe,
    What up dude! It was great to meet you dudes yesterday, good luck on the rest of the tour!

    Checked out the myspace by the way, that's some brutal shit man, keep up the good work:hbang:
    i commend you on your glorious album you recently put out. shit blows my fucking mind. +11111111111111111111111111
    Hey i just checked out Chelsea Grin, tis quite brutal. Did you use the 6505+ on the recording of "sonnet of the wretched"?
    Hey man. My friend's band is playing at the Golden Monkey the same day you are, so it looks I'll get to check you guys out.
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