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Oct 5, 2021
Oct 4, 2005
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Mar 22, 1990 (Age: 31)

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Unknown Doodl3.2

look at each other.., 31, from Montreal

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Oct 5, 2021
    1. artie
      Hey Unkown doodl3.2,

      I have an arctic white left handed gibson flying V with the original case in factory condition. If youre really interested in buying it email me at [email protected]
    2. -Nolly-
      Sorry dude, I only just saw the comment you left back!
      If it was wired incorrectly the coils could be in parallel, which would explain the lower output. Anyway, you may have resolved the issue by now, apologies again for the slow reply!
    3. -Nolly-
      Interesting to hear! Sounds odd though, I wouldn't have thought the Evo would be much hotter. At the risk of sounding condescending, you are sure the pickup is wired in correctly? BKPs do have different colour coding to most for their wiring..
    4. -Nolly-
      Wicked! Let me know how you get on with them
    5. Steve08
      Did you get to see Transcending live by any chance?
    6. Steve08
      Yeah man, I love all those bands :D

      And stuff like Voivod, Obliveon, Vengeful and Quo Vadis as well.
    7. CrushingAnvil
      I was going to reply to this but decided just to post it to you :lol:

      "@ Trekita...No.
      @ CrushingAnvil Like I said in my previous post, it doesnt really matter if they dont sound like the quintessential thrash bands. Meshuggah's early stuff is considered thrash, but they sound even less like those bands...Including Destruction (dodged a bullet there, amirite?)"

      Okay, I'll just change all the Ry Cooder on my itunes to 'Progressive Folk Death Thrash' and when anyone objects I'll tell them it "Doesn't really matter if they don't sound like quintessential Progressive Folk Death Thrash bands."

      I'm not having a go at anyone [even though it probably looks like it], simply, I'm trying to point out how rediculous this who charade is...just call it progressive metal or modern metal...:lol:

      Aand yes I probably am a bit of an elitist/old school snob for posting Destruction in a thread about that kind of durpa-chug-tap stuff but hey. And I have probably bumped this thread too.
    8. Nights_Blood
      Hey, who's logo is that in your avatar? I know it's kind of out of left field, but i'm easily fascinated with any cool album covers involving space and shit. I always assume that a band is awesome when they use that kind of imagery haha.
    9. Drage
      Did you catch Augury this tour?
    10. -TheWickerMan-
      haha thanks, yeah they were my favorite band for near a year too, haven't listened in a while, but i still love them to death, easily one of the best bands ever

      what other bands do you like?
    11. CrushingAnvil
      THY KEEEYY!!! twas epic bro.
    12. groove87
      the main pist is ebay I think
      A friend just sold his red one.
    13. Drage
      So Fragmentary Evidence is like my album of the year.

      Holy fuck.
    14. Drage
    15. budda
      sup holmes?

      wanna buy a sweet new 6er? ;)

      hope all's good in quebecland lol
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    Mar 22, 1990 (Age: 31)
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    Mark III -> Vader
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    I love music

    guitar, music...


    Sutrah - Death Metal FFO Lykathea Aflame, Ulcerate, Augury, Artificial Brain etc
    Chthe'ilist - Death FFO Crematory, Adramelech, Demilich, Demigod etc