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    1. Zeus1907
      What's up UoTM, have you found an instructor yet?

      I've taken lessons from two instructors who are world class.
      Tony Smotherman, is a monster, can play any style, very well. I learned a good deal from him. And whenever I'd mention a different style he'd play in that style flawlessly.

      Matthew Mills. When it comes to shred, and arpeggio's, he is your man. He has his own method of arpeggio's. Which is stellar, best method for learning arpeggio's.
      But, you won't learn how to sweep from him until after a few months of lessons. Just an FYI.

      I will say, Matt's lesson would be considered intermediate to advanced. You mentioned not being well versed in theory.
      They both do Skype lessons.
      I took lessons from Tony in person, and on skype when I couldn't make it to his place.
      If you have anymore questions feel free to shoot me a message on here, or at

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