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yolo-swag-3000, 32, from Spira

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    1. GazPots
      Haha, can't we share? :lol:

      Everyone needs hilarious achievement unlocks for sigs. :D
    2. WickedSymphony
      Haha, I wouldn't say better - just different. RC7 is a true metal machine, but I want something that will suit my prog interests really well, too, not to mention the sexy guitar eye candy XD

      Yeh, JSX has a bunch of versatility, every channel sounds awesome in my opinion. If I were ever to swap it to anything, it would be an axe-fx (though even then, I don't know if I'd get rid of the JSX). Actually, that's probably going to be the next purchase after this guitar for me. It'd be so great to have all the options it gives, not to mention it's much easier to carry around than an amp :lol:

      I've never used an ENGL or Framus myself, but I think they sound pretty wicked, especially ENGL's. I'm sure you'll love ether one, but if you're gonna keep experimenting I think it may be time to hop on to the axe-fx bandwagon as well so you can experiment to your heart's content. Hell, that's partly why I want one :lol:
    3. WickedSymphony
      Yeah, RC7's are amazing, but I can't bring myself to say it's the best guitar on the planet because then I'd have no reason to buy more guitars :lol: I can't wait to see the new RC's either, but I'm keeping my eyes on a BFR/JPX at the moment. So much awesome gear to acquire it's just daunting, haha.

      And I love the amp, I've had it for a few years now. I still remember going to the music shop and plugging into a bunch of different heads, then when I plugged into the JSX I was just like "Yep, this is the one!" How you liking yours?
    4. WickedSymphony
      Haha, yeah. RC7 -> JSX is quite the combo, isn't it? Gotta love it XD
    5. M3CHK1LLA
      thanks for the info. that helps alot. i love the feel of a jackson neck - i have 2. i have 2 ibby 6 str xiphos also. i have fat fingers so this may be better + i like the thin neck. id also want something with a trem. i have alot to think about now.
      thank man!
    6. M3CHK1LLA
      :yesway: congrats - im really likin the white! what is the neck thickness like compared to others youve tried?

      cool v too. i had an rr1 (miss it) but have mustaine king v
    7. victim5150
      Hi, I'm using an RJM mini amp gizmo connected between the G-system and 5150 III that allows me to do the channel switching from the G-System. . It's just a standard MIDI cable from the G to the RJM but I had to get a special cable from RJM to go from the mini amp gizmo to the amp. It works great though. You can assign channels on a patch by patch basis but also assign the channels to dedicated buttons on the G-system so I can switch to whatever channel I want within a patch.

      Here's the link to RJM music Great products for all your amp switching needs.
      RJM Music Technology, Inc. - Creators of the RG-16, Amp Gizmo and other MIDI switching systems
    8. dunno
      jou jou madafaka
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