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  • I was just checking out some pics of your beautiful Blackmachine B7. What an incredible guitar!

    I was wondering, how many pieces of ebony on the top of that guitar? It looks like one piece. Such excellent craftsmanship. But african (gabon) ebony trees don't grow that big, so it must be multiple pieces.

    Anyway, great guitar man! \m/
    saw you guitar at the guitar of the month thread, amazing guitar I must say :)
    how much did you pay for this mosnter?
    I'm really sorry to hear that... It's great that you're getting some expert assistance, though. Every cloud has a silver lining, and all that shit... right? Best of luck man. I'm pulling for you. :wavey:
    Dude Nickelodeon broadcasts Fresh Prince here at nights now...like several episodes in a row. It's the best excuse I've had for insomnia yet.
    I'm applying at some point soonish.

    Looking at the degree course music production actually :p

    Out of interest do they use Macs or Windows mainly? - I'm buying a new laptop soon and stuff, so i wouldn't mind it being the same if they just use one kind.
    Awesome. It'd be nice to have contact going there, I'm planning on it myself.

    Hell yeah, We should jam. You should have mentioned it earlier, I was in today... :D
    I would like to say -

    Congratulations on making your 1000th Post,

    and well done for your Meshuggah dancing video on 'tube, it has provided countless hours of fun for me and my mates.
    you don't have to, but later on you will be tested on them. this will contribute to your end of year grade.

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