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  • Good to see you on here Tymon.
    Your doing awesome in Cynic and Exivious!
    To you I salute for playing Steinberger and Agile guitars man!
    Hey I'm going to go see you guys play soon. Are you guys(cynic) going to hang out at the merch or after the show. Would love to meet you guys!
    Wow. I just saw your post in my thread about Exivious. I'm a composer myself. Beside the point, but if you want to check us out, listen to Exhaustive Poltergeist Larceny at myspace.com/hntar and let me know what you think

    The reason I'm posting is to ask if you could give me a tip or two about what you think are key elements to your fusiony sound (i.e. shifting diatonic motifs around chromatically)

    Hey Tymon! Hows it going?

    Amazing show with Cynic in Vancouver! It was nice meeting you and Robin after the show :)

    Can't wait for the Exivious release in May!

    Take Care!
    Awesome job in Cynic - looking forward to possibly Australia (or even NZL) gigs. I'll be up front.
    Saw the show in Portland last night, just wanted to let you know you guys were great... despite a spotty mix (I'm sure the vocals were good could we been able to hear them :lol:). Keep up the good work and the great tour with The Faceless and the mighty Meshuggah!
    Hi man! I've been listening to the Exivious song that you guys posted several times on repeat now! It's just so awesome, reminds me a lot of Focus but a bit more modern! The solos are fantastic, all of them.

    When can I pre-order this album anyway? I DON'T want to miss out on something this awesome!
    Awesome work with Cynic, looking forward to the Exivious debut :yesway:

    I'm also really curious to hear what you think of the new Steinberger Zs compared to the GMs.
    I still play in Exivious, it's my band. Actually, we're almost finished recording our debut CD which will be released early next year.
    Hey didn't you play in Exivious? hehe what a cool honor to play with Cynic. Congratulations.
    Great stuff! Really looking forward to the new Cynic. It even comes out in time for my birthday!:) Good luck with your own band...I'll be interested to hear it when it's done. Be sure to keep us all posted with your progress.

    Oh, is there going to be any seven-string stuff on the new record, or is it all Steinys?
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