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  • Hey just got a 752FX and want to put some white pickups in. How were the Nailbombs? I like metal but play in a cover band so still need rock/split coil tones. Thanks.
    Well, glad I didn't assault any of your family members. I'm putting together something in the very near future, I'll definitely hit you up with shows and what-not. Also, a couple of my friends were from the NOVA area and played Jaxx a lot. Ever heard of We Carry the Fire?
    I apologize if I'm the one that caused it. I've been thrown out of kingdom once or twice. I don't even know how you can get thrown out of a Dillinger Escape Plan show, but I accomplished it :lol:
    It's all good dude. Everyone has off nights. I don't remember it being bad, but then again I had a few before I went to the show.
    I think I actually have been to one of your shows. Checking some of the stuff out on the facebook page, it seems familiar. Which is weird, because I'm usually hanging out at Strange Matter with the death metal and thrash guys. But I dig what I'm hearing regardless \m/
    Hey man I just saw your more recent FS thread, and as just wondering what ever happens to your 321? Sell it?
    Hell I copied it from Bannyd lol. And I did not strip it. I just cleaned it really well. Sticks well. But when u seal it with the heat gun, don't hold it in one spot too long. I did lol
    Yeah I've heard it's very similar to the LF but less overbearing and better harmonics. I know it's Kenji's favorite neck pup so I'm sure ill dig it. I just hope it has nice sustain.
    Ahh gotcha. Let me know how you like them, I'm considering a set for my RGA
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