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sawdust generator, from Pacific NW

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    1. TuffyKohler
      I've been using a vacuum press I built with info and parts from Joe Woodworker - Woodworking, Vacuum Pressing and Veneering Information Website

      There's plenty of info on building and using vacuum presses here.

      he's got links to Exotic Wood Veneer, Vacuum Press Systems, Veneering Tools and Veneering Supplies

      which is where I get my wood and copper veneers. They sell the different glues they recommend for each type of veneer as well.

      i built a press, which just sits on my workbench. This is a pic of a top getting a maple top glued on, but it's essentially the same with the copper veneer, but I would flip the top over when glueing that, so the veneer is totally flat against the work surface.

      Hit me up with any more questions you may have.

    2. jandro
      Hi Tuffy,

      I saw your coppertop build and was wondering, how did you laminate the copper veneer to the top? Will any glue do, or need it be something specific? I'd love to give it a try. Thanks mate.

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