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    1. Empryrean
      Aw shoot lol
      Perhaps I'll find a scroll saw blade instead, they're cheaper haha!
      I also had(another) question about the taper, is yours basically a large classical with no taper at all? I kinda like classical guitars string spacing, so perhaps it would be a nice step into the extended realm for me, however, if you did taper it, could you explain how you trimmed the neck afterwards? like; did you saw the fretboard with the neck taper? or did you do them both seperately?
    2. Empryrean
      Troy I've also got another question, how on earth did you cut that bridge?
      that was the most inspiring part of your thread to me, and wood shop teacher said we probably can't do that with the band saw in the woodshop. :[
    3. Empryrean
      Thanks troy (:
      I was a bit more interested in the fret crowning and leveling process, (crowning is only if you've got bent up frets right?)
      as for the nut situation, would it be easier to have a blank carved by my local music shop? Honestly I feel like they don't set up my guitars particularly well, especially at my age I can't toss around $40 like nothing so I learned to mess with sanding down my nut and gently deepening the grooves in the already slotted nuts that come on my guitars. But I feel like creating the actual slot itself may be worth taking it to my local store.
    4. Empryrean
      TROY, I've just finished looking at your home depot contest build..again and I am just hyped! I wanna make a guitar too!! But as a 17 yr old boy I only have so much when it comes to tools and such, what particularly would I need for the frets and nut? I think any wood working tool I could/maybe have access to.
    5. Guitarman700
      Happy birthday man!
    6. Self Bias
      Self Bias
      Seriously cool split trem idea! Wish I had though of it.
    7. Empryrean
      so its a no go troy? :[
    8. Empryrean
      I haven't the light to snap any semi decent looking photos right now, but imagine this;

      but red, and w/o a tone knob. It's not horribly great, but not bad either; tis why I offered both for trade ;-;
    9. Empryrean
      would an ibanez rg7321 and cort viva 7 be within those wants of your sir? :D
    10. Empryrean
      Troy would you trade for something...not cool? :[
    11. ElRay
      Doh! I didn't realize that the 9 you were talking about was the HD Challenge winner. Belated congrats on that!

      If I do go with a 9-string, I'm looking at going Ab-to-e, only two M3rds below a standard 6-string low E. The idea with the 8 going C-to-e is so that I can play Drop-D with only a single-string capo.
    12. ElRay
      Hey, I just read in Adam's 11-string thread that you have a 9-string tuned to Major 3rds. How wide is it at the nut? What kind of string spacing do you have there? Straight or Fanned Frets?

      I've been a big fan of all M3rds tuning for a while, and there is a small following here. I had a Dean 7-string tuned E-to-e in Major 3rds while I was in Afghanistan, but the string spacing was too cramped in the lower positions, so I'm building a 7,8,9 (most likely an 8, tuned from C-to-e) with wider spacing at the nut and fanned (28-5/8" to 25-1/2") frets. I've been tempted to go with a 9, just to have three complete octaves, but I'm worried a bit about neck width because I'm already going with a more fingerstyle string spacing .

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