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    The Deftones are breaking my heart...

    Like yourself Deftones were a major influence and are the only band from their generation I still care about but the way they treated Sergio was something of a red flag for me and I'm just not as into the band anymore. The idea of Deftones touring with a stunt guitarist whenever they play...
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    The absolute WORST distortion pedals??

    Ibanez Smash Box Boss Mega Distortion Marshall Jackhammer (the smaller version from around 2001) I'm not 100% the Buzz box counts because unlike everything else in this thread it's the only pedal that was actually designed to sound like crap so in a strange way it's a success.
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    Who likes light strings vs heavy?

    Started off using 11-65 but as I've gone on my gauges have gotten lighter so I'm currently using 10-56 on my KM7's in B standard/drop A and in hindsight I really regret not going lighter sooner as I prefer the tone but it also feels better getting around the fretboard too.
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    Tribulation (early - Swedish death metal; later - prog gothic metal) FFO ... Uh... Entombed/HM-2 and... Ghost?

    Been a fan of these guys for a while now as they're a perfect mix of black metal and 80's dancey goth stuff like Sister's of Mercy plus they did an incredible Cure cover as a bonus track on one of their recent albums. P.S. you may want to check out Schammasch too as they don't sound like...
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    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Bagged the SD Black Winter set in a custom colour for the KM7 I bought a few months back as I just don't get along with the Nazgul/Sentient set in it.
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    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    After a lot of tinkering I finally found I'm happy with the 85X in the bridge and HAX in the neck, the 85X manages thrashy stuff & thick Jerry Cantrell/Adam Jones style tones quite well but after years of neck humbuckers the HAX feels like a revelation to me and is incredibly addictive to play...
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    T.V. shows you've been watching

    Doom Patrol showed up on Starz (we don't have HBO max in the uk) I'm 7 eps in and it feels like a cocktail of the X-men, Hellboy and Monty Python that was directed David Lynch, it's very well written as all the characters get a fair bit of screentime and it manages to combine serious character...
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    What's the most bone crushing riff?

    Soundgarden (and AiC) have quite a few grindy/doomy riffs that I think folk have slept on but this is my all time favourite of theirs as it sets up the song very well and I'm compelled to throw the horns & headbang in slow motion everytime I hear it. The Two minutes to late night crew pulled...
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    What kind of death metal do you miss nowdays?

    If there's anything I miss it's the production and the guitar tones as I love hearing stuff that's not 100% perfect and feel like it's part of the charm but since 2004-ish most DM (and metal in general tbh) is just loud & well recorded but lacks character.
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    The cheapest guitar you own?

    I scored a Jackson JS327 brand new via some discount codes for £160 and I can't recommend it enough as it's a great starter 7, I also found an Ibanez S7320 on Gumtree for £170 cause it was missing a nut and the owner seemed to have no that idea spare parts exist & thought that the entire trem...
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    Ibanez Talman bridge problems

    So I bought an Ibanez Talman and I've got some mods planned but my main issue with it is the string saddles because they're the classic tele style where the adjustment poles jab into yr hand when palm muting and it's irritating as hell. So can anybody recommend me a replacement that doesn't do...
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    Worst Music Videos Ever

    Korn were big into making pretentious 'mini movie' type vids at the time and this is easily the worst but that shot of JD on his back pretending to be all tW!zted & FucT UP! while wearing those hideous contacts & that Hercule Poirot hamster tache is comedy gold and makes me cackle everytime I...
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    nazgul tame hz

    nazgul tame hz
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    Mark Heylmun with Jackson guitars now

    Really dig this especially the pinstripes/gold as I find their production model Rhoads 7's have been a bit plain looking, as for Garza he mentioned via instagram he's also working on some sig EMG's too.