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  1. Trashgreen liked KnightBrolaire's post in the thread Obscura Kummerer's new ESP looks suspiciously alike his former RAN.

    That's why he had ESP build it as a neckthrough and shave the neck heel transition this time. It doesn't have the bulkier heel of his...

    Sep 19, 2020 at 6:55 PM
  2. Trashgreen liked SlipknotKoRnfan's post in the thread NGD: 1998 Ibanez RG7620 VK.

    Let's just say, I REALLY did not need another guitar. And especially not another 7620 (got a GN back in May, plus the 2 I have as parts...

    Sep 17, 2020
  3. Trashgreen liked Dumple Stilzkin's post in the thread NGD PRS se Hollow body II.

    Bought it used from Dave’s Guitar in Wisconsin. Mint condition with case for 795$ These go for 1,149$ new. Tri color burst with a nice...

    B6AB009F-1615-4D4E-ADC1-2BD209842498.jpeg 64C3EE6C-61E0-472D-87EA-E93AD03BF6FA.jpeg 54882C81-62B4-4E3B-ABA4-495A294E55B4.jpeg 1BA6F915-3971-47CF-9E9B-071CD769E79F.jpeg 2EAAD786-EE07-49B7-BA87-D6CD5FC78BEA.jpeg Sep 17, 2020