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Jan 6, 2021
Aug 1, 2010
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Mauldin, SC
I sit around and do nothing! All day!

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Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss., from Mauldin, SC

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Jan 6, 2021
    1. tpl2000
      Away from any serious computer capabilities from 8/15/13 - 8/27/13. Sorry if I don't post in a thread that would be favorable to update. Or, y'know, ask a newbie question which I'm actually rather prone to ding these days....Heh, in spite of playing for about 8 years now, I never really was all that interested in actually working on the guitar. But now! I'm adjustin' truss rods, and changing my action, and trying out different string gauges, and blocking tremolos....
    2. tpl2000
      Alright, I gotta figure out a way to say this to anyone reading my posts...

      I'm legally blind. My sight is shit.
      My left eye is non-functional, and my right eye is blotchy at best. I have 2200 sight. I view my screen in 600% magnification already. It's tiring to read much black text on a white screen, and it's difficult for me even to spell check as I'm typing (It's pretty much the sensation of which key I hit that I use to backspace.)

      If I make a comment saying that I can't read something or that it's making my eyes hurt, I mean it. It's not being lazy, it's being sensitive to certain colors bound upon others.

      I apologize to anyone who is thrown off by my comment on a thread, but I really mean it when I say I can't read well.
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    Mauldin, SC
    I sit around and do nothing! All day!
    Primary Seven:
    PRS SE 7-string Flame Map
    Main Rig:
    Vox Valvetronix VT80
    Real Name:
    Other Guitars:
    -PRS SE Semi-Hollow (Blueish green)
    -PRS SE Paul Allender (Red fades to black)
    -Cortez acoustic. I have no idea what the name is, I bought it for $25.
    Just the vt80+
    Effects & Pedals:
    BBE Sonic Maximizer/sonic stomp
    -Boss GE-7 equalizer
    -MXR Fullbore Metal distortion
    -Deltalab phaser
    -Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive
    -MXR Dyna-comp
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Samson C01U
    Misc/Other Gear:
    My badass computer.
    On one hand, I'd like to just put in "jumble of nonsense." On the other hand, Idunwannabebanned.

    Guitar, music as a whole, computers.


    Legally blind!
    L: 0/0
    R: 20/200