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May 24, 2007
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Chool Whhhip, from Finland

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Sep 9, 2014
    1. DTC 4 LIFE
      DTC 4 LIFE
      Hey what's up. Do u still got that ltd sc607b. If so let me know my email is [email protected] Thanks bro.
    2. Valdolopezz
      YO yo yo wazzzuuppp))) I apologize for the very long answer. I didnt know about this message section so i found it only today)))))))))))))))))
      We've got problems with 2nd guitar player, he tried to assume the right to use bands name, music and so on. He tried to fire members of the band. So it was cause of "star" disease) And it was right before Tesseract support in Moscow. That was too bad.
    3. khagia
      just left you a message in your ltd sc 607 threat,PLZZZ leave me a message if you still have that geetar,and if not also let me know,thanks.
    4. Bobo
      I'm not sure how to do this type of messaging here tongarr, hope this works lol. I don't have XBL just yet, I'll be getting it soon. Been playing it at a friend's house. I'll send you the name when I get it, probably in a few weeks.
    5. HighGain510
      Not sure offhand as I'm not home right now, kick me yours and I will send you an add when I get home. :)
    6. FYP666
      Jea, onhan UV777 aika klassikko loppuen lopuksi. Pitää kyllä sanoa, että ei ole mikään kitara istunut käteen yhtä hyvin kuin oma Universeni, aevan loistava kitara! :)
    7. FYP666
      Kuulostaapi rennolta meiningiltä. Itse olen Pk-seudulta, Espoossa asustelen.

      Btw, toi sun Agile on lievästi sanottuna porno :yesway:
    8. FYP666
      Katos, oikein aeto Raumalainen! :)

      Sellanen projekti joka kannattaa lähempänä ensi vuotta on The Accidentist, on tulossa demoa ja liveäänityksiä!

      Toisia yhtyeitä on kyllä aika pirusti mutta on pidetty aika matalaa profiilia vielä... Missäs itse soittelet? :agreed:
    9. DIOBOLIC5150
      Yeah I played around with it for a long time but never got the sound I was looking for. I never recorded anything with it.
    10. vampiregenocide
      Yeah man definately I'll add you when I'm next on :hbang: My GT is Fear Signal if you get online before I do.
    11. vampiregenocide
      Hey man hows it going? Whats you gamer tag? (assuming you're a 360 man not ps3), we'll have to rep some COD :agreed:
    12. tian
      Thanks and I just use natural light for my photos and they're usually taken wherever I'm living.
    13. Seebu
      Moi, sopiiko kysyä paljon Suomen tulli verotti sinua tuosta upeasta, uudesta Agilesta?
    14. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      ah right.

      yeah I seem to remember finding it tricky at first, but then when I picked the game up months later it seemed to come naturally!

      yeah dude, let's do that :agreed:
    15. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      er, which thread was that?

      I've been playing it a lot recently because I like the game :lol:
    16. E Lucevan Le Stelle
    17. -Nolly-
      No idea what Doug has planned for the B6 line. He's having to make some difficult decisions about the future of Blackmachine at the moment, I think the new website will have the answers when it goes live.
    18. PeteyG
      I deleted it, couldn't really be bothered with it anymore. Just wanted to settle into focusing on my own music as opposed to playing other peoples' in a fairly half arsed manner.
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