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  • The painted-on "binding" on the headstock won't come out right. I'm having trouble with the masking. But I have an idea to cut a piece of adhesive shelf paper to the proper shape and hope it doesn't leak. I just painted some door hinges for my project truck, and the temperature is getting to be acceptable for painting out in the garage. I still have all the parts for my Warmoth, and I really want to get back on it! Thanks for asking about it because I have been thinking about it.
    Sorry, I've been out of phase with stuff (and not on the forum much... LOL) for quite a while. I wasn't aware of the Sickness In September show at all. We're playing Red Room on Oct. 15th though with Ex Nihilo, Zombie Messiah, and Fall From Zero, if you want to come down.
    Myself and Marco (Cadenhead on here) are working on a project called 'The Surfacing' right now. We're still in the writing and conceptualization stages right now. I've got plans for this evening, otherwise I'd be down for hanging at the Roseland. :yesway:

    I should be at the Porcupine Tree in September, plus Donnie and I are trying to work out a | meetup in the future. Don't know how soon, though, I'm pretty busy with guitar design at the moment. Anyway, keep in touch. If anything, you can drop by one of our writing/drinking sessions here in Tigard! :drew:
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