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    Are you still interested in that VHT?
    The guy did not build the head cab, too busy.

    I will let you have it for $400 if not it will be on sale next week for $600 to the unwashed commoners lol!

    Posts about rep always get closed. It just leads to too much whining. If you have a concern though just contact a mod and we'll look into it.

    Don't sweat rep either. :D
    Hey dude! I'm happy you went for a Rectifier, they sound great and yes, better than a Peavey JSX, IMO. I was gonna get one of those before I decided to go rack. At least I've the power Section of the Recto! :p South Florida's Metal Scene is alright. Not bad but not the biggest either. I got the chance to go up to Orlando and play with my band a few times, I like the scene better over there to be honest. Still, it's not bad if you wanna come down and check it out.

    Take care and Happy New Year!
    Nope... not yet. There are a couple of builders out there that have designs similar to what you're looking for: Ron Thorn and David Myka. They may not have them pictured on their site, but both builders make sevens. I'm working on a series of new designs that should be unveiled hopefully in the next few weeks.
    Hang on Mate, I am going to grab something for you, I'll send you a PM today, it should clear things up for you. I'll just say now that this is a cool place with cool, helpful people, it's not wanting to be 4chan, harmony central etc. that brings out the grammar Nazi in us. :lol:

    It's not that you have to proof read everything you write or be a English major, just look at Vova (Yevetz) we love him and he knows his English is not great. It's that we don't want this board to be full of 1337, we would like this board to be easy to read and there is a certain etiquette and level of conduct that we expect.

    Wait around for my PM, I have a feeling that your going to fit right in here.
    Hey dude! What going on?? Sorry I didn't get the request earlier. I'm still getting familiar with my account and profile here. Anyways, you have a killer rig yourself. Love the JSX and the UV!!
    :agreed:MMMmm! Love me some negative reps!
    Especially on some bullsh1t!
    Some of us live it:fawk:.....some of us just leave negative comments:noplease:
    Right now i really think Evergrey got a really good tone on "Torn". Tom from To-Mrea has some really good tone too then there is always Kiko who uses Brunetti and he has sick lead tones....I prefer passive tones to active tones...
    so basically buddy liked the amp that made him sound like a better player. makes sense :lol:.

    ya might want to fix your pic on this page haha
    I actually think it might be sold as of today. Waiting on payment from somebody as we speak.
    Yeah, I had a brief scan through it, so far nothing is really grabbing my eye unfortunately. If they release anything with a reverse headstock then I might be more interested.
    Hi, yes... well I am in a band but true to form don't have anything recorded although I am waiting for a video of our last gig (which Mr Lozek had the misfortune of attending) to materialize so that I can youtube it.... I wasn't using my Blackmachine, as it hasn't enough strings, and the Diezel was borrowed... ;)
    Cheers, at my last show there was some random kid in the crowd who turned out ot be an uber-photogrpaher, I was really pleased with them.

    Oh yes, I've been fuelling my Ibanez obsession again, managed to snag a 540S7 the other day, most pleased.
    Diezels... well, the VH4 is tightened up uber-Marshall, the Herbert is a modern/Recto destroyer, and the Einstein is kind of a stripped traditional sort of amp. All have epic cleans, and there's a Diezel character to the high gain. Diezel cabs (I don't have) are also characteristic. They aren't for everyone, and also the models behave differently enough to each other to complicate any recommendations! ;)
    Hi! I can't get my head around the fanned 8s at the moment, but my B2 is something else, as, hopefully, will be my B7 which is being built right now. Not cheap, but if you're into them they rule. And Doug's a great bloke so it's all good!

    I don't get the headstock hate. I love 'em so don't say 'even like' in reference to them! :D
    Nice. I have only been playing about 6 years now. I just started getting ointo Vai last year also.
    Thats cool that your trying to get some of Vais sound into you music. I have been trying to learn "For the Love of God" for the last few months. I just dont have a trem so it is a little bit harder.
    Yeah I like it man. Nice job :hbang:

    alot better then me and my attempt at recordingsome thing. :lol: How long have you been playing?
    Yeah that UV is nice also. there is a guy from Florida on here that has I think one of each model of the old UVs. he was selling a swirled one a few months back for like $5000.

    Thats cool. I moved to Washington to get away from my family. :lol: and to be closer to me girl friend, I love it where I'm at now. I miss Florida sometimes though.. What kind of music is you band?
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