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  • Hey man, hows it going? i do believe we're playing a gig together on the 30th! cant wait to see that custom!
    Heya Tim, hows your fanned 8 build coming along? I dig the shape and contours a lot, anywho; you must be a pretty busy guy, what with all the mojo that seeps out of your head, haha. Cheers man!
    Haha that was me that wrote on your bands Facebook wall about putting out an album so I can buy it :D :yesway: I love the music man
    So do you play 7 strings with tempus fusion or do you just play 6? Looking at your guys' pics and i cant see any 7 string love :) :D
    Hey man, listening to your band's music on your myspace and I am diggin it alot, kinda reminds me a bit of a band called hacride (the vocals anyway). You guys got an album planned or on the way anytime soon?
    From the myspace i was under the impression that you had an EP or album out. Well either way, let me know if you guys come over here. I really dig the music, and i like to think i'm not that easily impressed.
    Badass man!
    Yeah I'm good thanks man, same old complaints about money n shit but Darkadian is a full band now minus a vocalist, album is coming along great, and I've abandoned the Ibanez ship for ESP/LTD! And am now an avid EMG fanboy haha.

    Here's my current 7, should be restrung and ready to play in the next couple of days!

    You back on msn then? Might catch you on later!
    Technical question for you sir! I'm really bored of the gloss finish on my seven string, its always grubby and rubbish. Whats the best way to dull it down, for more of a matte finish. Super fine sanding? Any ideas?
    By the by, thanks for the kind compliment on my Inlay, cannot wait for it to be complete.
    Congrats on the job, hope everything is starting to get better after all that mess! How is your 2nd build coming along? Out of interest where did you get your guitar building skills? How did you learn?
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