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  • I'm curious what's that guitar you have in your avatar? Got any bigger pictures of it?
    Yeah thats pretty much what im afraid of. My dream guitar is basically Adam D's Dragonfly model. It looks like its the last 6 string ill ever get. Im waiting for them to start selling the standard models and not the artist ones.
    Thats awesome. How different is it say from a Parker Fly Deluxe? I have one and lately ive been gassing for a Nitefly M :D
    Hey man wassup?

    I gotta ask...which sexy ass parker is that in your avatar? I saw it and i just had to know lol.
    Hi Tian, just wanted to say that I love your gear and pictures!

    Do you just use natural light when you take pics of your guitars?
    Hi Tian,

    I sold the PWH and wanted to let you know. Thanks for your email, I hope you find the guitar you want.
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