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  • My guess is he won't drop the price significantly (unless it sits there for a bit). But I emailed him anyway. I need another guitar like I need another hole in my head, but it hasn't stopped me yet! Thanks for the heads up, too.
    Thanks, man. It's about $1800 beyond my budget (as much as one can have a budget for spur of the moment purchases. :lol:).
    The picture of it isn't showing up either. Is it for you?
    can you share a link? I might be interested :lol:

    nevermind. found it. will email Doug. Thanks!
    Not currently. A friend commissioned me to write for a show he's putting together and I'm working on my own stuff. But I'm down to jam. It's been a looooooong time. :lol:
    I like it man! Everything about it is top notch. Might switch the p/ups out to some EMG's at some point, but other than that, pretty stoked with it. How you doing? Any new toys for you lately? :D

    :eek: this might be a really expensive guitar buying month for me :rofl:

    I anxiously await the pictures :)
    Coincidence, my teacher is the guitarist of the band haha.

    Still not sure if my skills would be up to par for that kind of stuff haha. It sounds interesting though, where can I listen to some of the tracks?
    I've been wanting to get some more playing in with the 8. What's the project?

    And yeah the hurricane hit my area pretty bad. House and cars flooded and still without power, but not as bad as other areas like Long Beach that are seriously damaged. The one good thing is that my guitar came in the mail one day earlier than expected haha.
    Still a noob with it haha, but glad to join the 8 string club, surprisingly i'm enjoying it a lot more than when I first got my seven :yesway:. Can't say I know any other LI 8'ers besides my teacher. How's your area from the hurricane?
    Hey man, I live in Hewlett. Working on a project will a couple friends from college but besides that nothing in works. What about you

    I see you are a friend with ExhumedShadow who is banned. Do you have his email? I would appreciate your help.
    Hey man, I usually only lurk on here I rarely ever log on. If you're still interested about what I thought in terms of the transaction, I thought everything was awesome. You were really prompt and good to work with. The only thing I would change is ship with UPS rather than fedex, as I had issues tracking the package for whatever reason. Even after it was delivered it still said it was in transit for a while. But, the amp was packed well and arrived in great shape. Everything works, and is still working awesome! It sounds killer, and Im really glad I got to work a deal out with you man. Thanks!

    Take care.
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