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  • Hey mate. From this post I just realized who you are and who you're talking about.

    Hey Allen. It's JP from Melbourne. We met at Noboru's apartment. Didn't realize you have an account here. :D
    Hey man. Thanks so much for sending out the bar and the input jack for the RG7620!! It made my day, and saved me around $30-40 bucks!! I really appreciate it.
    Ha you know BTA? Cool. I met Colin at a Dysrhythmia show and he signed my skullgrid record. He was pretty cool. I tried not to talk him to death.
    Are you still looking for 3 day passes to Maryland Death Fest ? I ve them and can't go due to work and school, please email at [email protected] since I realy need to sell these and get some money back for em, and tell people I ve got them and selling for a good deal. Please get back.
    Dude. I love the RG8, it's awesome. I'm glad you like the K7, it's a great guitar. As for the Jackson, it was used well.
    Hey dude, was just talking to Wi77iam on MSN, he just wanted me to let you know he got the guitar all good :)
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