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  • Figured I'd just message you here, since the thread is getting a little overloaded with BS.

    I've been in a... similar situation. Unfortunately sex with another girl (during a break or not) is the big "no-no" with pretty much all chicks, so it's kinda predetermined how she's going to handle it. Doesn't mean you can't work things out... it's just going to take work and she's going to have a lot to deal through. Be understanding, and be sympathetic to her situation. More than anything else, imagine that if the shoe were on the other foot and work off of what you'd want to hear/feel to make things easier. Listen to her. Also, women have a really good memory... so this could be something you hear about for a long time, unfortunately.

    Not much else I can say for now. Best of luck, though. :cheers:
    Good for you man :)

    Anyways, I've been good. I'm finally starting a new band, with a blind bassist, who's like a white Victor Wooten :yesway: How about yourself?
    Tom's got a girlfriend, Tom's got a girlfriend!! OOOOooOooooOOO Tom's got a girlfriend!! (read that as if I'm singing it like a little elementary schooler girl)
    Yeah, I gotcha. And I can understand how 7's don't appeal to you, they do feel different than 6ers. Not bad for me, just different.
    Yeah, if you tune a 6er down anylower than C, you might as well get a 7 string IMO. But I guess some players don't like the feel or whatever (If that's what you meant by you don't see the point)
    Not sure. If I can find a 5 string bassist, then sure. Unfortunately, bassist are hard enough to find, and one that plays a 5 string (or one that would tue to B) is impossible. I may be getting myself a 5 string soon, so then I could loan it to him or whatever. Right now, the world is my playground :)
    I'll check the myspace out. And to answer your question, I have no fucking clue :lol: I may be startin a bluesy hard rock shreddy kinda sorta thing (think Mr. Big, Chickenfoot).

    And congrats on the future-EP!!
    Alright. School sucks. I don't HAVE a band atm :( (Not counting open-mic night jams, church praise band, and jazz band at school, so I'm not totally without a band). But I got a recording setup, and when I have time to record that's been fun. Does your band have a myspace?
    Lol I just wanna mix things up really. I'm still sorta sketching ideas sound wise, but I'm getting together with the drummer and we're going to record a song or two, see what we get.

    Well I'm mates with a couple of guys on here in a band called Talanas, and they both use BKPs, and since they sound so awesome (and its a home grown company) I thought wtf and ordered one lol Its got to be better than the stock pups the 7321 has.

    And dw I'm the same, I can't stand the sight of an Agile most of the time :lol:
    Nice :) Added you guys. Let me know when you have some stuff up.

    Erm sorta a mix really. Kinda mainstream metal stuff like Mudvayne/Seether but with brutality of heavy bands like Threat Signal/Meshuggah/Fear Factory. I wouldn't mind getting a keyboard player in to mix it up too. We'll see what happens.

    And I'm basically replacing the bridge pickup with a Bareknuckle Painkiller (ordered already), getting new gold hardware (All Parts bridge and volume knob, Sperzel Trim-Lok tuners) and adding a blue swirl scratchplate.
    Sweet man, what band you in atm?

    Erm so so really, got a few personal problems I'm dealing with so I'm taking it day by day, but I'm modding my RG7321 big time and hopefully picking up another 7 soon, plus sorting this band out lol So hopefully things will pull themselves together!
    oh yeah, you don't have a seven. That's cool, most of the stuff I play is in a 1/2 step down... i like drop C too though
    awesome dog, I wish you the best of luck with that. What tuning you guys play in?
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