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    PRS Mark Holcomb Limited Edition PTC Mod Project!

    So sick! Did you plug the side dots? Jeez, you're a mad man :nuts:
  2. themike

    Tool new album - finally?

    They can take as long as they want, I dont care but I laughed way to hard at this:
  3. themike

    New Killswitch Engage album coming in March

    Always love me some KSE but man do I want that new Adam D/Corpsegrinder/Lucas project to come out.
  4. themike

    J. Timberlake at the CMA's

    I will always enjoy JT. Guy is just sheer talent and cool to boot. This is one of the best performances on late night tv I've ever seen and go back to watch it quite regularly.... dem groooooooves https://vimeo.com/96815423
  5. themike

    TOOL fans are insufferable retards

    I disagree whole heartedly. I mean obviously he has a way with words, especially when its through news media outlets, but he always has and presumably always will. And he's right, EVERYONE from fans, reporters, blogs, zines and everything in between constantly hound all the members regarding a...

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