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  • Also, is it just me or do the "post-lawsuit" PRS singlecuts look far better than the "pre-lawsuit" ones?

    seeing quite a few pre-lawsuit SC's on craigslist and I don't like the cutaway on them...
    Ah, thanks, man. I figured it would be something like that. I believe the ESP board did something like that at one point(not sure, though)

    and i'll definitely take a look at some of those, if I can pick up a tremonti in a nice color like that for below 2k with a "9" top, i'll be in heaven. haha

    So I was looking around at some of the tremonti colors, and i'm thinking faded blue burst, non 10 top. :D

    also... tried registering at birds and moons and on all 3 of my e-mails it said the admin banned my email account? yet i've never signed up for that site? what gives? :scratch:
    Ah, I figured it was a set price for "stock on hand" items.

    So much that I didn't know about PRS before. lol

    i've bought a thing or two from MattsMusic already, so i'll go that route.
    the only angry larry finished PRSi I can find are all 10 tops..

    Le Sigh. Oh well, Charcoal Burst or FRB with a floyd and i'll be happy. :agreed:
    I forget, is the tremonti you have the "fire red burst"?

    because that finish looks great... unless they make one in angry larry, the fire red burst would be my finish option. :yum:
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