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  • Well let me just say: 1) AWESOME that you finally got your Axe-Fx II, took way too long but glad to hear TM made good on your order! :yesway: 2) Bummer about the LCD, I mean I work with IT equipment and it happens... of course it would figure after waiting all this time YOURS would be the one to get it! :rofl: :( and 3) BADASS about the tone, Misha has been telling me it is amazing and my name got pulled, just haven't had the cash as things keep popping up (surprise McCarty IRW, my Thorn got finished WAY early etc.). Hopefully I get my tax forms early this year so I can file and get my refund on the chop chop because the one fun thing I WILL be buying for myself is my Axe-Fx II! :D
    Just realized your in Life as A Ghost haha my bands playing with you guys on December 18th :D
    Wow that sucks man, sorry to hear that you're getting put through the ringer to get this thing but glad it sounds like it is finally heading in the right direction! :D I have my coupon right now, waiting to see how soon the Thorn will be completed (getting close! :yesway:) and then I'll be snagging my unit. Figure it will give me a chance to buy presents for my family for Christmas first too! :lol:
    hey bro,
    played with your band couple of times, i was in TFGMHM. love finding fellow LIers on the board
    Wow seriously?! :( That blows dude, there's nothing Brad can do to push it along just to clear out at least that first waiting list? They had you put a deposit down up front too right? Really sucks, pretty annoying if they have money tied up during this whole wait too. :wallbash: Did you ever end up moving that PRS btw? My fiance was asking about wedding presents.... :D
    Hey Mike - Did you ever get your Axe-II from the Tone Merchants Waiting List? :( I signed up on the Fractal list back in June and my coupon just came in and it made me think of you since you were still waiting on yours last I checked, I was hoping you get your unit already! :)
    I saw Dr Z Amps in your video. I know Dr Z, hes been one of my dads friends since before I was born and lives in my town. I have 2 of his amps, his 7th and 13th ever built. I didnt know he sold amps outside of our town and some of Brad Paisleys. Killer!!! Fun Fact: Dr Z hasnt played guitar a day in his life.
    I...I want to say I love you, but it's so. much. MORE.

    Not enough :wub:'s to describe feelings :scream:
    Yo Yo Mike! Finally got round to checking your band out :lol:, It's good stuff man! Totally not what i was expecting either! :D
    Hey, th3m1ke

    I noticed you said you liked Dillenger Escape Plan.

    I'm looking to get into their stuff, where's the best place to start?

    God Bless, Xiphos68
    Whenever I can get all the cash together. lol The new job I have doesn't pay very well and I have had to get my car fixed among other things.

    It's looking like it will be much later this year before I ever get one. :(
    Going to be doing some extensive PRS play-testing later today, so i'll be seeing how well I get along with the PRS trem.

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