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  • Haha I literally posted on your thread over on BAM a few minutes ago! :rofl: That thing looks badass man, with that finish and the piezo! NOMS! :D
    Life As A Ghost is playing at a local bar near me. I should go and yell "Where's Mike" between songs.
    He did label it, IIRC, although peeps can't see my head in that segment as he was trying to get my weird riffing thing. Thing is that, in order for Ola to be deliberately trying to pass off as me, either he had the fastest outfit change and chose to selectively shrink and re-enlarge 25cm or something would be VERY wrong! Haha!
    Oh it wasn't about your comment, mate, it was me disagreeing with Loktide's conclusion, that's all. :)

    As for the whole Ola hate here, I don't really get it. Other than the mods, nobody has had any issue with the man around these parts, and in all fairness things even got to silly conspiracy theories in which he was ripping me off or something at some point! :shrug:
    Very true on walnut :rofl:

    I'm still amazed how nice that top turned out. I knew it was a nice piece, but damn :lol:
    oh i know about sopa and all, but didn't know of peavey supporting it, nor townsend is upset with peavey...

    i wonder what he wanted out of a sig and what peavey gave him
    Yeah, they are definitely unique. High quality hardtail, the string to string note clarity is part of what makes it so neat. :yesway: The saddles are super smooth too. :agreed:
    Yes indeed, I had a tele that was 2Tek'd by Zilmo himself and a Thorn SoCal that I had ordered it stock that way since Ron can get them OEM for his guitars.
    I like that idea... tell Paul :lol:

    So basically we both have good taste in guitars :yesway: I do love PRS guitars, just don't happen to have any right now :lol:
    Haha right on man, good on you for taking in those little guys! :D They're cute dogs too, a friend of mine has one and he's cool as can be! I'm always afraid I'll break him when I pick him up though, he's tiny! :rofl: I'm sure she will, we just have to keep working with her, the fosters said it took ~2 weeks before she calmed down for them so we'll see. This was her being too cute this afternoon on my bed when I was getting ready to take a shower:

    LOL! :lol: Yeah, we're having a good time with her although she has some pretty severe separation anxiety it seems. :( We're trying to work with her, she's been neglected so she gets so anxious when you leave the house without her because she thinks you're not going to come back. :( Sad stuff, people who neglect animals deserve about 3-dozen repeated scrotum punches. :squint:
    USA is better than private stock i guess :lol: I dont really have $16 to spend on a single guitar at present haha
    Well ive heard through the grapevine that there will be an SE. Maybe not at NAMM but soon. I've been saving my money and not buying anything else so i can get a couple of them. Goddamnit why are they making us wait so long!!!!! :lol:
    make me a happy man. The PRS 7 will be something other than black yes? :lol:
    Yeah Sorry about the way Chat was tonight, thought I would let you know it usually is a lot more organized and with better conversation than that.
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