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  • Yep I did, worked great with the Axe-II. I sold the Axe and still have the Alto cab, I've been thinking about selling it since it's not being used right now. Might list it locally as I don't have the box for it and it's the TS115A which is the bigger guy. They sound excellent and for the price it's impossible to beat it. :lol:
    I am certain I will love it. I havent played it so I dont know how the pickups are, but if they dont sit well with me, i'm thinking Burnt Chrome Rebel Yells are begging to go in the blue one. :)
    Much thanks for the SE 7 info. Figured i'd thank you here since that thread is 30/70 on the info/complaints from people who won't buy anyway ratio. Speaking of PRSi and not buying. still kicking myself for not picking up the tremonti I was looking at and getting a 5150 III. :/ I do plan on saving for a USA PRS soon-ish. but the SE 7 is a more immediate purchase option.
    It was good to meet you too! Let me know if you're down around this way again, we'll hang.
    Sweet! :D I'm bummed I couldn't make it out to the Experience this year. :( I thought I was going to be watching the dog but it turns out this weekend Lyn didn't HAVE to be in PA. :squint: Ah well, hopefully they hit stores sooner than later so I can take one for a spin! :lol:
    Damn son! :D Did you take that yourself? If so, what's the neck like? I NEED DETAILS! :wub: Also I'm TRYING to work out a deal with Music-49 to possibly trade the Original Sewell towards a Custom Shop Blistertone! :metal: Still waiting to hear back from them though.... :(
    GAS is an EVIL BITCH! :lol: I found a local deal on a Mesa Lonestar Special last night that was wayyyy too good to pass up so I grabbed it! The Mesa offers me something my EVH and the Sewell both can't (chimey/voxy cleans, sounds amazing with my lower output pickups and strats) and the OD/lead channel on the LSS just sings. The Sewell does the plexi stuff amazingly well, but since I don't use that sound all the time I'm not sure it's the right amp for me. :( Also the Sewell wasn't liking my pedals straight into the input and I don't want to get it modded with a loop. I'm glad I got to finally try it, it's funny how many sweet tones you can get out of an amp that only has two volumes, a treble and a bass control! :eek: Someone posted the PSA on VR, I might bump it and let them know it's back for sale at that store because for the price, someone will either have a VERY nice piece of trade bait or if they wanted the amp to keep it's like 1/3 of the new price! :agreed:
    My fiancé just brought it home! :D

    As if it were possible for me to be wrong about something related to Thorn?! :squint: :lol: Yeah Wayne normally runs the show, he said due to poor turn-out and the cost involved (i.e. he was footing the bill for EVERYONE) we wouldn't be holding one this year. :(
    I don't think they're holding one this year. :( Pretty bummed about that since I was hoping to play a Deluxe 90 before mine arrives. :lol:
    Yeah I think Shawn is one of the guys in the photo. I've only ever seen it around the factory so I was wondering who showed you it.
    SE 7. You will take pictures and text them to me, yes? :squint: :lol: Now I'm REALLY mad I'm not going this year! :realmad:
    How did you get that photo of the dues with the rabbit heads? I know that photo well.
    I am keeping my self control, as dropping $3.5k onto a credit card would be bad :lol:

    But damn is that thing sweet. I might have to get one of those sometime next year...
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