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  • Well, new to me :cool: Should be shipping today... never make an offer on ebay you're not expecting someone to accept :lol:
    Soon we will have....

    :rofl: my desire for a PS deflated a bit when I learned that they won't install stainless frets. They do make such amazingly beautiful guitars though - I'll probably end up with one sooner or later :lol:
    thats a really good question as why people cant pm me...gotta figure that out!

    and tax season is just around the corner for me. gotta start looking around!

    thank you so much for your help man!
    Hey, you are not the ONLY PRS fan on here, I do not own one yet but I have been a big fan for a while.
    TGS has some fantastic guitars :yesway:.... I always drool looking at the PS pictures he posts at VR. I already have a Cu22 and Cu24 and the only other models that really push my buttons are DGT and the (sadly discontinued) MEQ.
    Happy New Year, man. May it bring you health, success and happiness.

    And keep those pics of your 7 string PRS conversion coming. Those first pics hooked everyone like a dealer handing out free hits of crack, and with the shortage of pics due to the holidays, everyone's going through withdrawals.
    Uhhhh can I get a HELL YES?! Dude that's going to be awesome... still keeping the finish under wraps? I'm assuming that was just the primer coat right, or are you going for white on this one? Can't wait to see the finished product! :D I'm thinking about having Chris refin my CU24RW too but I haven't heard back from him yet so that project is still pending. :( Hoping it would be a faster turnaround since he doesn't need to do as much prep and obviously won't be touching the neck or headstock. :lol:
    Thanks dude! I told Matt that I blame him and you for this purchase. It was all the GAS pains and PRS envy that you two have caused. :lol:
    Wanted to share this with a fellow PRS-lover. Incoming Tremonti 10-top... Nick made me an offer I couldn't refuse! :lol:
    Looks like the PRS Private Stock 7 sold! I was about to put up some of my nicest guitars for cheap lol
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