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Apr 3, 2017
Dec 10, 2010
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Long Island, NY
I work for the man.

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Chug Life, from Long Island, NY

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Apr 3, 2017
    1. HighGain510
      Okay... so now I'm getting 2 new PRS in one day... there is something wrong with me!!! :lol: :D
    2. HighGain510
      You're buying John Petrucci's old rig?! :rofl: I can't pull up YouTube vids, but your last comment instantly had me thinking of the dubbed video of him talking about his rig and the knob that controlled the speed of the Earth's rotation! :rofl:
    3. HighGain510
      Oh? You have another glorious PTC project going on? :D
    4. HighGain510
      I had actually emailed him again an hour ago to remind him that since I sent payment he still hadn't yanked the auction! :lol: He better CHOP CHOP before I drive to Charlotte myself and mess someone's day up! :squint:
    5. HighGain510
      Haha dude, as I said in my post one bad experience taught me that if it's something I want this badly, I have to be SUPER careful not to let anyone know I want it or with my luck, I'd lose out again! :rofl: You can see now why I didn't say much right? ;) You post those pictures outside of eBay and someone who doesn't regularly browse eBay for PRS stuff might be like "OH SHIT DAT TOP!!!!" and there it goes! :rofl: I'll be posting LOTS of hi-res shots when I get it, you can be sure of that! :wub: I've wanted a 513 Rosewood for so long and the specs on this are perfect, even down to the filled-in birds on the 2012's! :yesway: SOON I WILL HAVE THE PRECIOUSSSSS!!!


      :lol: :lol: :lol:
    6. HighGain510
      I have 2 PRS items left on my WTB list, P22 is one. The other will be a surprise! ;) If I can land it, I'm going to be a VERY happy boy! :D Near-Private Stock 10 top and a rosewood neck! ;)
    7. HighGain510
      Might be selling my Axe-II. My PRS GAS hit an all-time high with something I found... if I snag it, I'll be posting a rather epic NGD thread! :D
    8. HighGain510
      That thing is HOT! :D
    9. Rick

      Wow, your pic ^ makes me cry.
    10. pawiffuwee
      Hey, thanks, Mike, I'll remember to use that hard-to-miss Search function next time. :p
    11. HighGain510
      Hey dude, since you've talked to the PTC at length, any idea what they might charge for a neck re-carve? I like the DC-3 I have tonally but the neck is a touch thin so I'm not sure if I should just move it or if I should keep it and consider having the neck shaved down a bit. :(
    12. Stealthdjentstic
      I heard PRS is ghey

    13. engage757
      hey man, what's up with BaM? Any ideas?
    14. Riffer
      Awesome. I need to know the dates so I can tell my band not to book any gigs that weekend so I can work at the Experience and talk to people about our new SE's
    15. Riffer
      Nice. I don't even know what days the event is yet. All I know is that we got's some awesome shit planned.
    16. HighGain510
      Sweet! What were you grabbing? :D
    17. HighGain510
      Yeah I did too. :( Not sure if the type of paint they use is that much different than the stuff you need to use for the flip-flop. I know for a fact they've done them before (my old CE was stock from PRS), so maybe it's just a time thing too. :shrug: Ah well, Chris said he'd spray both the McCarty and the DC-3 for me and his prices were very reasonable so there's going to be a whole lot of flip-flop up in this bitch soon enough! :D
    18. HighGain510
      Well I was already planning on going with Chris for the refin but I did hear back from Shawn, he said the PTC won't do the flip-flop for refins anyways. :lol:
    19. Riffer
      Yeah I saw that. Some pretty sweet options too. I love me some maple boards.
    20. technomancer
      I hear you. I know I'd barely ever play one, but I'm still tempted :lol:
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    Long Island, NY
    I work for the man.
    Main Rig:
    Fractal Axe FX II
    Real Name:
    Life As A Ghost
    Other Guitars:
    Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 (10top)
    Paul Reed Smith Custom 22
    Paul Reed Smith Custom 22
    Paul Reed Smith Tremonti (10-top)
    Paul Reed Smith Tremonti
    Paul Reed Smith 513 (1-piece 10top)
    Paul Reed Smith McCarty Archtop 1
    Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 7-String
    Paul Reed Smith SE Angelus Acoustic/Electric
    Axe FX II
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Mesa 4x12 Rectifier Cabinet (v30's)
    Mesa 2x12 Rectifier Cabinet (v30's)
    I play guitar for Life As A Ghost on Eulogy Records. I also dable in the field of drumming.

    Guitar, Drums, Graphic Design, Videography, Being Awesome, Girls with Glasses.