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Apr 3, 2017
Dec 10, 2010
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Long Island, NY
I work for the man.

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Chug Life, from Long Island, NY

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Apr 3, 2017
    1. Alice AKW
      Alice AKW
      Oh my god the picture on your profile killed me. XD
    2. JLP2005
      Thanks, buster!
    3. JLP2005
      Mike, would you be able to provide any insight into which Tremol-no one would purchase for a SE Mikael Akerfeldt? It's either the pin-type or the large clamp, and I'm not home to make any measurements :(
    4. XeoFLCL
      Yeah that's probably a good point. It's kind of a shame but the mike mushok model is already pushing it in terms of baritones; I don't think there's a single other brand other than agile (which, while they're nice instruments, don't tend to have my preference in finishes or specs ever, not to mention they can really be hit or miss and limited runs aswell :() that offers a baritone 6 string beyond 27", and yeah seeing how breaking benjamin is on hiatus it really wouldn't make alot of sense. That being said, I went ahead and ordered a Mike Mushok sig as I just love those things. Expect a NGD this coming week :D

      Also, the PRS SE stoptails are the typical trembucker 52mm spacing yeah? Not sure if I should be grabbing a trem spaced JB or gibson spacing.. Though, from my understanding it doesn't really matter I guess.
    5. JPMike
      I don't really want to but the LP CC GAS is killing me... I want a 2nd one. :(
    6. XeoFLCL
      Hey Mike, I know this is a question you may or may not be able to answer, but has there ever been discussion of a Ben Burnley signature? I've recently discovered how amazing baritone semihollows are and would eventually like to upgrade to a quality one, but well.. finding those two things together is very very difficult :lol:

      Would love to know, thanks :D
    7. technomancer
      You buy, I'll try :rofl:
    8. Volteau
      Yo Mike, you mind if I steal your PRS and Fractal sigs? It feels like cheating, but I can't seem to find any decent ones online. Like, at all. :(
    9. LORD S810
      LORD S810
      Can't wait for the Uno chip. Thanks Mike.
    10. Tomii Sonic
      Tomii Sonic
      Thanks for posting that Korn footage bro- AWESOME! Watched it twice today =D
    11. Adam Of Angels
      Adam Of Angels
      Seniore, that is correct
    12. XeoFLCL
      I caught it right beforehand lol. I'm being veery patient as I preordered the deluxe copy so I haven't bothered looking for any sneak peaks besides what was posted :) though, I will ask, does it live up to the mentioned song?

      Sorry trying to be subtle here :lol:
    13. XeoFLCL
      Sneaky :lol:
    14. djpharoah
      And yes the pegasus is lower output, thicker sounding and more badass in general!
    15. djpharoah
      The nazgul was all treble/mids for me - not for me since the guitar was a maple/alder soloist.
    16. Curt
      So, this gainy goodness PRS may or may not be working on... Possible continuation of the 2 channel custom line would you think? Love the pricepoint on those, and I wouldn't even mind it up to a 2.5k range. The custom gets gnarly, but not quite modern metal. They definitely pique my interest. :lol:
    17. KevHo
      Let me know when the Herbert arrives, good sir. I want to know how you like it.
    18. Curt
      If not, I will look for some DGT's or maybe throw in the set of BKP Black Dogs I have lying around.
      Been moving towards vintage hot pups lately, and the DGT's were right up my alley.

      Also, any idea if you can get the 59/09's with covers? Not a deal breaker if not, but the nickel covers with the hybrid hardware would look great on the burnt maple leaf finish I am going with.
    19. Curt
      Yo, Mike, been looking at artist package stuff today, and was wondering what your thoughts on the 59/09 pups are. I think at this point, it is almost impossible for me to stave of the rosewood neck GAS much longer.
      Anyway, I played a DGT at a guitar center a while back, and heard the 59/09 was a similar affair. If that holds any truth, I should enjoy them. I like the DGT pickups, but I prefer the pattern thin neck on a Cu22.
    20. noUser01
      Damn man you are a champ, thank you! Unfortunately I'm broke until the end of the month. ): But thanks a ton for remembering me dude, I really appreciate it.
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    Long Island, NY
    I work for the man.
    Main Rig:
    Fractal Axe FX II
    Real Name:
    Life As A Ghost
    Other Guitars:
    Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 (10top)
    Paul Reed Smith Custom 22
    Paul Reed Smith Custom 22
    Paul Reed Smith Tremonti (10-top)
    Paul Reed Smith Tremonti
    Paul Reed Smith 513 (1-piece 10top)
    Paul Reed Smith McCarty Archtop 1
    Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 7-String
    Paul Reed Smith SE Angelus Acoustic/Electric
    Axe FX II
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Mesa 4x12 Rectifier Cabinet (v30's)
    Mesa 2x12 Rectifier Cabinet (v30's)
    I play guitar for Life As A Ghost on Eulogy Records. I also dable in the field of drumming.

    Guitar, Drums, Graphic Design, Videography, Being Awesome, Girls with Glasses.