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Sep 4, 2020
Dec 16, 2007
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Eastern PA
I wrestle albino alligators and spin the good lie.

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E♭M7(♭5), from Eastern PA

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Sep 4, 2020
    1. jonajon91
      Don't worry about it. Turns out that there is a 24 hour lockout on editing an OP, it had nothing to do with you liking it after all. So don't sweat it man. A mod has said that he can update it every week or so.
    2. jonajon91
    3. Draceius
      I'd be happy to give advice on XY Ubers, if you'd like to hang out and play sometimes while you learn, then message me any time this week and we get some stuff going, crush some souls on the way.
    4. Sicarius
      Coincidence, probably. I don't know what EVO Pools is.
    5. tedtan
      Happy New Year. May it bring you health, success and happiness.
    6. TheHandOfStone
      Lol yes Randy, I am alive. I stopped posting for a year because I realized it was eating up too much of my practice time. That, and I kind of got bored of this place for a while. But, I'm back now, as I still feel there's a lot I can learn from you guys. \m/
    7. Randy
      Holy fuck... you're still alive?!
    8. zimbloth
      Thanks man! I still have CDs and/or t-shirts available if interested in supporting the band :)
    9. Newtype
      oh i know haha, just thought i would throw it in anyways. I have been keeping tabs with John's post and am eagerly awaiting the modern unveiling, I even told Tosin at the AAL memphis show about Suhr's first 7 and he said he was going to move to all 8 strings but might have to make the exception for the Suhr ^0^
    10. sami
      hehehehehe!! I love it
    11. Alien DNA
      Alien DNA
      :wavey: How goes it dude?
    12. FredGrass
      The castle is on this page... it's apicture of you in front of a handrail with a castle behind you.
    13. FredGrass
      It's all good, bro. I'll be back down there in the next year or so to show Dale some guitars and maybe do some work with him again. Dude, where is that crazy ass castle, and what is it called?
    14. FlyingBanana
      Thanks for the welcome back! Happy new year. :wavey:
    15. ZeroSignal
      It distracts me too! D:

      I probably need to choose a new one before I start getting real complaints. :lol:
    16. ZeroSignal
    17. Anthony
      Sweet Wintersun quote man. Easily my favorite band. Can't wait for Time :hbang:
    18. FlyingBanana
      Touche. :wavey:
    19. FlyingBanana
    20. FlyingBanana
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    Eastern PA
    I wrestle albino alligators and spin the good lie.
    Primary Seven:
    Necrophagist song
    Main Rig:
    Eleven Rack
    Real Name:
    Myspace URL:
    Why is this still an option? lol
    Primary ERG:
    Concept II
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    I've realized that they're not for me.
    Other Guitars:
    I use a blue Schecter C-1 Classic as my primary axe.
    I use an old Marshall Valvestate 8200 Bi-Chorus Head for group playing, and a Blackstar HT-5R for bedroom practice volumes.
    Effects & Pedals:
    None that I use regularly.
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    With the Marshall, I'm using a Port City 2x12 Oversize loaded with Celestion G12K-100s and rewired for stereo.
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    I have Cubase SE, but no decent way of recording.
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Planet Waves cables ftw.
    Thousands of years ago into the future...

    Guitar, Psychology, Video Games, ....posting.


    "Food to help some wolf that eats your ass generate enough sperm to impregnate their mate. Right there.... boom. Your energy was literally used to create a baby in some way you are apart of the wolf. Non of this 'ima come back as a mighty shark and rule the sea or some shit' just death as we know it. You and all your youness totally gone. But your death is totally required for the rest of existence to thrive." – BadStarWanderer on reincarnation :bowdown: