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  • i pm'd you. i noticed this bass has a 9v batt so the pups must be active. also the 3 smaller knobs are for eq.
    sent actual pics to your phone. here is what it looks like:

    nice, im trying to sell or trade my 6's for 7's and 8's, the only 6 i plan on hanging onto is the s-prestige i have. I love the xiphos chameleon paint job, looks so cool
    the uv777 was very cool. i got it from the same friend, he had 2. at the time i couldnt get used to a 7 so i gave up and sold it on ebay. bad move, wish i had it back. recently i traded for another and am gonna give it a chance again. i got wash 7 now - doesnt compare. think im gonna get a 7 str xiphos - i own 2 6er's & love um.
    before you mess it up check and see cause the one i have is worth over $2000. it is black w/3 pups. aka the phil collen sig. (def leppard)
    Hey man, I saw that you bought a Q-Tuner BL5 Hi-z for your 8 string...... can I ask you how that sounds? I am thinking of putting it in an 8 string build.
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