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  • Hey, Im extremly interested in The COW, Ive been looking for one of these for ages, i cant find any place that does them new :/

    I also have a question, What do you think of the 707? Is there any tonal nuisences in it?

    The thread says FT, but then £400 is listed, im guessing that would be an outright buy?

    I also read that you have a 81-7, would you being considering switching it instead of the 707?

    I will have to wait 2 weeks (maximum, im waiting for money from the courts) for the money, but ive wanted one of these for years and would really like to buy it.

    Thank you for your time. :)
    Yeah, I really love it. :)

    In fact, I'll probably end up basing my custom Roter on this model. Maple body, maple neck, maple fretboard etc :lol:

    I'm looking at upgrading the pickups now, as you might have seen in my thread. I'm probably going to go with Merlin pickups. Apophis put me in contact with them. They're dirt cheap, due to being Polish. :)

    Spector's look very cool. :agreed: I've always loved the look of them, even before I started playing bass seriously.
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