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Dec 20, 2019
Dec 12, 2010
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Oct 2, 1988 (Age: 31)
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Arlington, TX
I work in the kitchen at Buffalo Wild Wings

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The Reverend

GHETTO KING OF SWAG, 31, from Arlington, TX

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Dec 20, 2019
    1. GATA4
      Honestly, dude, that would be so badass if you theorized upon some type of composition/literature at a graduate level. I'm always amazed by people who immerse themselves in the study of authors/writing styles/etc. They just have such working minds and it's cool. In what field did your dad receive his doctorate?
    2. GATA4
      That's cool man. Video game companies/designers need people like you. Would you work on any type of game or a certain type? RPG, FPS, something else? And yeah, there are a lot of options in the bio world. I'm currently entertaining the idea of graduate school just so my options will be a little more open haha, but we will see how that goes :rolleyes:.
    3. GATA4
      Haha awesome. Sounds like you're more interested in the plot/theme/score aspect of the vidjagames rather than the actual computational design? I'm studying biology....only one more year left then I have nooo idea what I will be doing.
    4. GATA4
      Yeah man! So what are you planning to study?
    5. GATA4
      Oh cool. Do you go to UT? I'm from Dallas, but I go to school at Texas Tech. I was actually in Houston for a whole month this past summer doing an internship at the TMC. It was crazy awesome.
    6. GATA4
      Dude no way. Btw, did you change you location from Houston to Austin? I could have sworn it said Houston earlier...
    7. highlordmugfug
    8. GATA4
      I saw this on Reddit and it made me think of you :lol:. I was reading your blog last night (just so I don't sound creepy, we are Facebook friends).

      My favorite part about being an Atheist - Imgur
    9. Solodini
      I'll take your message to mean that you're too busy. Just let me know when is next good for you :)
    10. Solodini
      Well it's not been missed yet, anyway. Still up for it?
    11. The Reverend
      The Reverend
      Holy hell, I forgot about our lesson with all the crap I'm doing! I've got three midterm papers, and a phase issue with my new pickups that was so bad I had to drop it off at a shop. I feel like a jerk now.
    12. Solodini
      Still up for a guitar lesson on Sunday evening (your time)?
    13. Solodini
      Sounds good. I look forward to it. :) have the sample chapters of the book downloaded by then, as they will help with the lesson. :)
    14. Solodini
      Sunday is best for me. Sunday your time, that is. First lesson this Sunday? My skype account is
    15. Solodini
      Both England and Scotland do, yes :P does 11pm your time work as a lesson starting time? That way I could use it as a nice early rise and make good use of the day.
    16. Solodini
      I'm not generally a 9-5 kinda guy so something could probably be arranged. What sort of times are generally good for you in your time zone?
    17. Solodini
      Let me know what you think of the book. :) if there are any suggestions you have then I'd love to hear them.

      I give everyone a free one hour lesson to see how they like learning from me. After that, I charge £15GBP for a 30 min lesson or £25GBP for an hour lesson. I'm pretty generous so I'll often go a bit over time for free and will usually stay on skype to text chat amd discuss things for a while.
      I also have block payment pricing plans where if you pay for 5 lessons of a specific length, one lesson will be 33% cheaper, roughly, and if you pay for 10 then the next after that is free. As I say, I'll happily give chat to you about stuff for free and I'll give you a free one hour lesson if you want.
    18. Solodini
      Cheers for the rep, dude. Download the sample chapters of my book if you want more of that sort of theory advice and suggestions of how to use it. Alternatively, I do skype lessons, or you can just pm me if you want to discuss anything. I always love talking music theory. Adam.
    19. Stealthdjentstic
      Happy birthday
    20. Sang-Drax
      It's been such a long time since I've read the book that I often forget about its original meaning haha

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    Oct 2, 1988 (Age: 31)
    Home Page:
    Arlington, TX
    I work in the kitchen at Buffalo Wild Wings
    Primary Seven:
    2011 Ibanez RG7421
    Main Rig:
    Empty rack case?
    Real Name:
    Jesse Apanda
    Square White & Red Horror
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    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Schecter Damien 7, Ibanez RG7421, Schecter KM-7
    Line 6 Spider III 1X12
    Line 6 POD HD500
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Marshall JCM 900 LEAD 1960 4x12
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    Reason 5.0
    There was this one time, at band camp...

    Music, Movies, Video Games, Comics, Guitar, Vodka


    If you're going to 'like' my posts, give me some rep instead. :yesway:

    i just laughed at my own reflection, not sure if ugly or drunk" -Murmel

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