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    Technomancer, MaxOfMetal, Randy = New Moderators

    "No man also having drunk old [wine] straightway desireth new: for he saith, The old is better." - Luke 5:39 :D :wavey: Hiya, fellas.
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    New Opeth Signature PRS

    I dig the logo. :yesway:
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    Interesting new emergence: Gore's "Hockey Stick" has been disproven.

    Astronomers tell us there are black holes. Overwhelming consensus on it. They study the universe. They know, if anybody knows. Geologists tell us there are plate tectonics. Overwhelming consensus. They study the earth. They know, if anybody knows. Biologists tell us DNA is the source of life...
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    I know This doesn't Have to Do with Guitar, but.....

    :lol: :lol: Thanks, Shane. This rules.
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    A strange thing I actually agree with.

    Groff, I'm with you. Just a further slide down the slippery slope of an ever-more-litigious society. They might seem nice, and have good intentions, but really? We need rape clauses in hiring contracts? Really?
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    MASSIVE studio upgrade...! Hope to have a finished track by this weekend :)

    :lol: You even have your camera settings like aperture and shutter speed posted! :lol: I love it. I think you out nerd even me.
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    It's my B-Day! Woohooo

    Happy B-Day Mesh! We celebrated my cousin's B-Day last night, and had a blast. Mine's coming up in a few days, too.
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    October metal (Metal that fits the month of October)

    Wow, my girl and I talk about this all the time, and bands that fit the fall. Especially October, since A) it's the most metal month, B) it's my favorite month, and C) it's the month o' me birthday! Absolutely agreed on Opeth. Quintessential fall. I'd also say Daylight Dies. And for some...
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    The "I think Ibanez guitars are way over rated" Thread

    He meant me, of course, silly. :lol:
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    The "I think Ibanez guitars are way over rated" Thread

    I'm very relaxed. Cool, chill, just relaxing here... With my ban hammer. :D
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    The "I think Ibanez guitars are way over rated" Thread

    I think this thread is way over rated. :mad:
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    E.N.D. - Croatian thrash/core/experimental

    Got a Meshuggah kinda sound right there I reckon.
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    Little more gain on a K7...

    I got nothing against actives, but the Evolution 7 is a great pickup. You'll dig it.
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    Children's Names, Sex Fruit,Violence and others.....

    :lol: :lol: :lol: Fuck you, who cares about an old bump. This ruled.