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  • i've heard/seen one hand clapping :lol: the real question is, what's the other hand doing to elicit applause ;)

    when i figure out the lesson, i'll let ya know. still sounds ominously forboding to me.. :(
    you, quit saying it's gonna go downhill. i know that!

    im enjoying it while it lasts damn it! :cool:
    I got a nice n00b bike - 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250 in black. Lovely really - too bad my insurance agent is horrible and still hasn't set me up :mad:
    Boober - hows it going man? Hope all is well with ya. Haven't been on in a long time since I got my bike - been riding around the neighborhood to get some practice.

    I do suppose you have to get used to the taste of red bull first. I'll tell you what's you guys have Tom Tucker mint ginger ale in Ohio? They sell it at gas stations and such here, and you can mix pretty much anything with it and you can't taste the alcohol. I poured 4 shots of crown in it once and didn't taste a thing.
    Speaking of drunk stupor, I realized just how fucking tasty it is to mix red bull with vodka last night.
    Aww but the colt is so smooth! It works every time. I would post more, but it seems like there's just nothing but threads about stuff that's already been discussed a million times before, and I get tired of typing the same thing over and over. I still help out when I can, though. :D
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