The Dark Wolf

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  • Actually...I just did notice that. You suck. hahaha

    So are you gonna Positive rep me now that you know I have a sense of small it may be? :shred:
    basicwy. :lol: Sounds like Elmer Fudd. Kill da wabbit, Kill da wabbit, ahdhadadaha!
    Drinking and posting ftw!
    Bob is in my closet
    Stealing my internetz
    Grooving to Creed
    While worshiping Satan
    So...let's make sure I'm clear on this. You currently acting in an off broadway musical about an ex-greaser named Boober.... Boober is sad that he is currently in rehab, and to get over his depression he begins to write a musical homage to Satan in his spare time. Did you ever see Xanadu? Olivia Newton John was hot as hell.
    I've always liked musicals... Good for you! Is it like Grease? I like Grease... You kinda remind me of Kenicki...not the Greaser version but the real life rehabing Jeff Conaway version.
    I studied satanism from the most influential satanists from the 70's.......The Eagles. Hardcore Shiz'nit. Good luck with the musical. I can only imagine the name of it... ;)
    Look what you did to my leeeeegs?! You could buy another couch, what am I gonna do about my legs, Darkness?! :rofl:
    nice wolf lol, i was just wanting to know if you can change my name for me because everyone mistaken me for the band divine heresy and its kinda annoying, thanks a lot

    Holy fucking shit, I check your profile and I'm greeted by a demon attack wolf.
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