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    I used to work in a place like that :D Vintage Cellars, learnt a lot there, it was great. Turned me into a beer fan, spirits connoisseur, and Aussie wine buff :woot:
    The way i look at it, if i can get it here in Australia, you can get it too... probably cheaper :yesway:
    I demand you try "La Trappe Quadrupel". 10% alcohol, Dutch Trappist beer. Very tasty, not to mention great for an (un)forgettable night out :D
    King Cobra is the devil, yo. :lol:

    I actually mostly drink light beer anymore. :( Shit got too hard on me. I actually threw up this year from heartburn, after drinking beer. Heartburn! I wasn't even sick. Light beer agrees with me.

    But I loves me the Kaaaang Cobra!
    Oh man speaking of :drew: this past Saturday was my brothers birthday. I don't even remember the number of 40ozs we drank (King Cobra, McKeys and Colts) - mind you it all commenced at like 10:30am when all our boys came over. After some amazing Mario-kart action I passed out - woke up later at like 1 or so . Rinse and repeat.
    I kinda figured you were a wolf guy. Something about the user name... ;) But yeah, Arctic wolf = incredible.
    You know, that was pretty swell of ya. Thanks! I tried to leave you something good, but all I got was a message telling me to spread the good word around elsewhere first. :cool: Thanks again.
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