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    You speak wise words.
    "if you can't say anything nice, it's best not to say anything2
    I think that's just a lesson for everyone in that thread then ;)
    Then I received an amount of bad rep from people which feels entitled to say if someone has to be fun or not.
    Mental health troubles, get help...dafuq.
    That's what pissed me off for real. not the joke/lack of sensitivity of OP.
    But anyway...f! them.
    Good luck out there man and with your family!
    Wish you the best :)
    Hey, took the chance to reply.
    Going through shit is not the deal.
    Everybody has shitty moments of any kind, sorry for yours by the way; we lick our wounds, we get back on our feet stronger than before.
    What shit is there to teach you is how life is frail and how you must be thankful of what you get normally and how lucky indeed you are when things goes smooth.
    Shitty life teaches you that today you're between the stars and don't realize, and tomorrow everything can fall upon you.
    When you go through shit you just look at things differently and have a different sensitivity even for the shit others go through and your post proved it.
    That guy didn't focus on the fact of how lovely his family has been to buy him a gift, just the wait, joke or not.
    I indeed think it was pure trolling, and I said mine because if I think you're a dick I tell you right away.
    Hey man, it would be best if you emailed me directly at [email protected] or PM'd me. Visitor messages I just dont see often and cant reply very fast. You're also welcome to call. You can also check out our website at World class guitars, amps, pickups, gear, and tech services - The Axe Palace.

    But to answer your question, I think if you have a high gain tube amp or an Axe-FX/etc, the Black Dog would be great because while its low output, its very aggressive and clear, yet full and warm. The Cold Sweat is great but I think it may sound a bit thin in such a bright guitar. The Painkiller might be a good alternative as well.
    They should work out very well in an 8. Theyre fairly bright and not very warm, but if you;re after thats very articulate, snappy kind of sound they would do a great job. Another good option would be something like the Black Dog. Those are lower output but sound great in woods like that and handle low tunings great.
    I feel for you man, but at the same time, I'm sitting here doing the whole point and laugh thing because we're about to leave lol. My main concern is getting my guitar and amp back home unharmed. I'll probably 2062 them to one of the guys and scare the shit out of them lmao
    We're going to BAF when we're closed and will fly out to Manis almost immediately after that. Who are you with? I'm with 2BCT 10MTN
    no, i haven't tried any acoustic patches yet. Really I'm not a huge fan of them. I rarely if ever use the piezo on my guitar. At some point I may get into trying to find impulses for acoustic guitar sounds similar to the Fishman Aura. But outside of that, I would just try to use a little compression (Tube Comp), EQ, and reverb.
    hey thar, no special program needed to download. Some browsers are funny with those files for some reason though. Just be sure to right click and save as. Also, be sure you're in the folder for your device. If you go to you'll notice there's folders for hd500, hdPro, and hdDesktop. hd500 is gonna have more bleeding edge stuff, but I generally try to post for all platforms. jZab has a converter if you need to convert from one format to another that works well. If you have continued issues, let me know what OS and browser you are using - trying to figure out if I can't prevent this issue from the get-go. Thx and enjoy.
    Being on an ETT was definitely "better", got off the FOB, interacted with Afghans, etc. I felt for folks that only left the FOB when they were redeploying. One of the guys in my hooch came in on an ETT, but they grabbed him to be the assistant S-3. 12-hour shifts, 7-days a week. He did airport runs just to get out of the TOC.
    It was a mixed bag. Sucked to be away, frustrating at times, but it was a good mission. I actually extended for six months to oversee all the Corps & Below Medical Mentoring and prep for the hand-over to NATO.
    Yup. Currently in the Reserves as the S-4 of a Combat Support Hospital. I was the OIC of an ETT in Afghanistan and my NCOIC was with the 4th ID in Iraq.
    Yeah... the USMC and Army have quite different missions... hell, all the branches have their good and bad. I have some bad ass friends that would put a lot of Marines and Soldiers to shame and they are USAF PJs (combat para-rescue jumpers)...
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