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    NGD: Jackson USA Broderick Diabolic

    Lol you are making me feel unobservant as yes I've noticed that it is harder to play this sitting on edge of couch vs my warrior and that's totally what it is. When i rest this guitar on standard seated position on my right leg, thhere isn't enough room between the neck and my left leg to get to...
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    NGD: Jackson USA Broderick Diabolic

    Lmao I love the St Vincent, thing is so sleek - has a weird retro/future vibe going Must be in the same city as I also saw them on Sunday at Fillmore lol
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    NGD: Jackson USA Broderick Diabolic

    Hi everyone! Sharing my latest NGD acquisition which is my first USA Jackson, and damn, the quality is something else for a guitar with this crazy of a shape. Up until now the nicest guitars I had were restricted to the usual super strat bodies, with my more crazy shape ones being imports with...
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    Strandberg Boden Masvidalien Cosmo? How is it?

    My brother has the masvidalien and he loves it, if I recall it has some emg eq switch so you can essentially mimic a neck pickup tone and switch to it if you miss the neck pickup
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    EBMM Abasi Kaizen

    Phillip McKnight said $3,999 for pricing - first and only time I've seen somewhere mention actual cost so I have no idea how true that is.
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    Ibanez 2021 models (Headless!)

    Their website blows so here are the full picture shots. Reverse headstock on those Xiphos - can't wait to buy one! Glad I held off on getting one used from Reverb
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    FS Jackson Dave Davidson Warrior WR7

    Man that thing is beautiful, I have the ash version of this and love it. This is a great price for the guitar + case, would buy it myself but my wife would destroy me the second she realizes there is an extra guitar around. Good luck with sale!
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    WTB Schecter Cygnus 7, Ibanez XPT707 Not mine but if you want to make the drive to Fresno from where you are - this is a great deal. I would have reached out but my wife would murder me if another guitar showed up lol
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    2020 Ernie ball jp model releases Suck!

    Not sure if it's been shared elsewhere, I'd agree the 2020 JPs are a little lackluster but I saw the other day on Reverb they have some crazy one-off runs they did for a few shops...
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    Old JP7 (non piezo) mod

    Man i love that elbow scoop with the maple edge showing - looks 3D-esque!
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    Help wiring Fishman Fluence Pickup

    Hah definitely sloppy, but it worked and saved myself the cost of taking it somewhere! So I went through and cleaned up the wiring generally and also adjusted the pickup height based on your notes and not sure which one made the difference, but can definitely hear a difference now. Thanks for...
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    Help wiring Fishman Fluence Pickup

    Hey Guys! Recently purchased a new set of Tosin Abasi Fishman Fluence pickups to install in a back up guitar I made, and while I generally haven't had issues soldering things and getting them to work - these Fluence ones were a little more tedious. So I have them installed right now and they...
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    Jackson NAMM 2020

    So came across this on zzounds... New Walnut color for the Dave Davidson Wr7 Pro. Edit: looks like this one has bevels vs. the distressed ash one, assuming this is due to no veneer on this one?
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    Need advice on songwriting

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting I believe since my introduction forever ago. Last two years I have moved out to Los Angeles to focus on my career and have let the guitar playing slip to the backseat unfortunately for that time. I've been lately trying to get back into playing...