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    NAD! NEW AMP DAY! 5150 II!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!

    I will try the "666" settings tonight after work and let you know what I think. As for speakers, I currently have celestion G12T-75 speakers in there. However, I did order a line 6 spider valve cab that should be here anyday. It comes loaded w/the celestion vintage 30s. So I am pumped for that!
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    NAD! NEW AMP DAY! 5150 II!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!

    Thanks dude. I tried that tonight and it was pretty killer!!! I appreciate any advice as I'm new to the tubes and such!:shred:
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    NAD! NEW AMP DAY! 5150 II!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!

    I don't have a boost yet. Looking into some, probably going to GC over the weekend to play, then buy used. Thanks man. I stacked them on top of each other and played back and forth for about an hour today. They both crush but you're right, 5150 II is phenomenal.
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    NAD! NEW AMP DAY! 5150 II!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!

    So I finally got my 5150 II that I ordered, paid $700 US for it shipped to my house. This is my first tube amp. I've been playing an XXL for years. I love my XXL, but I think I'm going to cheat on her with this monster!!! BTW, IT'S MINT CONDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But enough blabbling, here is...
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    NGD: ESP Forest STD S7

    that's awesome dude! congrats!!!
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    Megadeth live last night

    That show sounds killer. I'm not into Suicide Silence much, but I have seen Megadeth twice in the past couple of years. Once with Glen Drover and then with Chris Broderick. That guy is nasty! Killed all the old Friedman solos and such, then did his one little 7 string tapping arpeggio solo...
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    Need a lead boost, MAB or TS-9?!?!

    Thanks guys! Sounds like any tubescreamer is where it's at for a lot of you.
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    Need a lead boost, MAB or TS-9?!?!

    I just purchased a 5150 II and it should be here early next week. I'm looking for a good lead boost pedal. I've heard good things about several different pedals, one being the t-rex Michael Angelo batio overdrive. I would be using this for solos only, as I know I can get a ripping tone from...
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    NGD: Loomis 7 FR

    I own the very same guitar! You are going to absolutely love it!!! Congrats man!
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    So guys i went to the gym yesterday...

    Not knocking you but would like to see a video to see proper form. I'm a personal trainer and I see a lot of people who move big weight, but are going to seriously injure themselves in the process. never sacrifice form for weight!!! Keep on lifting.
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    Paranormal Activty

    This movie scared the shit out of my girlfriend! Totally freaked her out and not going to lie, shit was creepy as hell. Subtle special effects, til the end, made it feel "real-esque." Good movie!
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    Schecter Loomis Neck Size

    I currently own a Loomis FR and a Hellraiser. I find them pretty comparable IMO. The neck is wide, but I don't feel like it's a baseball bat. I have fairly large hands and actually prefer the feel. In an odd note, although I know they are prob the same, I felt that the Loomis NT didn't...
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    NGD! Ibanez Inside, Loads of Pictures

    awesome axe dude. I agree it looks nasty wants you cleaned it up!
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    New Guitar Day of Outrage (56K is a number)

    agreed, awesome NGD. Congrats brother!
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    New To 7 String :)

    Newest Trivium, Shogun album. Good stuff there. necrophagia, nevermore, and as mentioned before, Unearth