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    Strings and Periphery Lune Tuning

    I just recorded a cover of Lune using my Drop C guitar. 6th string is a 59. If I were to dedicate a guitar to that tuning id use a 68. But the 59 seemed to handle it fine. But then again I usually run 12s plus a 68 for drop C anyway. Sample:
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    What’s Your Minimalist Rig?

    1. iPad with Overloud TH-U Rig player 2. ESP E-II Horizon 3 and Daemoness 7 String 3. Easy, Vai Legacy rig for Cleans and Crunch, 6505 Rig for Rhythm and 5153 rig for Leads. 4. Crown 1000 watt power amp into 2x2x12 one with two warehouse guitar speakers rated at 180 Watts. The other is a Boss...
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    Who likes light strings vs heavy?

    I prefer heavy. For drop A/A flat on a 7 I like strings thick enough not flop around. The way Bass strings feel, nice and steady. 11-49+74 also love the way thicker strings make the guitar resonate. You can feel it. But that's just a bonus.
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    This is the last one. I swear. Except...If...

    Used to spend money on frivolous things like extra guitars i dont need. I still have a little collection but haven't bought a guitar since 2019. My Daemoness was the last guitar i ever bought. Focusing my energy on Creativity instead. I have all the plugins I will ever need. Unless there's...
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    Modern Day Whammy Bar Heroes?

    YES, hes one of the coolest Whammy Bar users. He makes melodies flow like water.
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    [Debut Album] Iridescent Noise - Far Away, Yet Still Here

    Hey guys! Check out my new Prog Metal/Rock Album if you can. I would appreciate it very much. The goal in mind for this album is to make you feel like you're going on an adventure. Its all about escapism. Inspired by BTBAM, Periphery, Iron Maiden, Dragonforce, Within The Ruins, Nobuo Uematsu...
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    Dean Exile Select 7 strings

    nice looking guitars! Love the inlays. Usually dont like inline for 7 strings but these dont look bad.
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    Album Cover artists

    Thank you guys for all the ideas, suggestions and knowledge. I appreciate it!
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    Album Cover artists

    Hello, Id like to know the process of getting licensed art for use as my album cover. Getting a reply from deviant art people is a long wait. So Id like to know how you guys do it. What is the usual cost for Simpler stuff like the periphery style or for more labor intensive detailed paintings...
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    NGD Daemoness #124 Gaia Concept

    Here's a better pic of the case! :)
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    Thick modern metal humbucker for a Strat

    I second who ever recommended the dominions. God damn what great pickups they are. they have everything most metal heads always ask for in these kind of threads. "FAT MIDS" great high mid spike for leads/solos. Great low mids for riffage. After all no matter how much bass pickups have, in the...
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    Nazgul to quacky in my KM7 MkII, replacements?

    You are not alone in saying that. I found nazguls really weak. I'm used to playing mid output pickups ... But there's something missing about these pickups they feel hollow using the same settings I use for my DiMarzio dominions. That's said I recommend DiMarzio Dominion because they have fat...
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    NGD Daemoness #124 Gaia Concept

    Fun fact: the brass leaves from her hair are on frets 3 5 7 9 and the eyes on 12
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    NGD Daemoness #124 Gaia Concept

    Yes! Fantastic piece of wood with strings and Art! Haha, simple. You just do it. Play your other guitars in the meantime. The first 3 years zoomed by. I didn’t think about it at all. It was all a flash. Just played music, recorded, mixed, made playthrough vids etc. set it and forget it. Time...
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    NGD Daemoness #124 Gaia Concept

    I think it might have something to do with the materials the strings are made of. I couldn't get the XL daddario .68 to stay in tune. Too hard and it goes sharp too soft and it goes flat... But 074 what a difference. Playing Soft or hard, the tuning is stable as a rock, the intonation is perfect...