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  • Thanks for the post reply on the Vandermeij! What price point are they at for a used reasonably spec’d guitar? I found some used ones and am seriously debating picking either of them up. Just don’t want to find out I spent as much as making a custom with Koen.
    oh sweet dude! nice, shes a pretty cool chick. do u have any experience ewith the 60 watt version?
    Fuck, you have to see Nekromantik.

    What bothers you the most? Rape? Brutal torture? Extreme violence? Despair?
    Faces/Traces of Death are, well, real for the most part. It is reported that roughly 40% of the scenes in Faces of Death are fake, but the other 60% are genuine.

    I can't think of a top five right now. I have to really think if I want to make the list perfect. I will get back to you. <3
    Hmm... after seeing The Serbian Film, Salo definitely doesn't top it, but is still up there. Movies like Philosophy of a Knife, Men Behind the Sun, and Faces of Death (or Traces of Death) are all fairly disturbing. The first two I mentioned are based on Maruta (Unit) 731 and are supposed to be actual events that have happened. Basically they use a lot of chemical warfare, do human experiments, etc. Philosophy of a Knife is like 4 1/2 hours long and I don't remember much, but Men Behind the Sun is still quite vivid. I recall one scene where they get this person to stick their arms into ridiculously low temperatures, then they dip their arms into ridiculously hot temperatures, then peal their skin off. Another scene hasa guy in a chamber where they test how many decibels he can handle (I believe) and he eventually dies and shits out his large intestine.
    That groove is the sound your soul makes when the devil bends it over and goes to town on it. You can definitely imagine some woman smashing her child against a wall while that riff plays in the background, regardless of how biologically/hormonally bonded she is to it. It is the sound of a T Rex randomly smashing through your front door and tearing your younger sister in half. It is the sound of the main riff to Iron Tusk and the main riff to March of the Fire Ants having sex.

    God, I'm bloody tired. I should have gone to bed before I went in that chat.
    Sorry for annoying you in chat. I was just trying to get you listen to the Bloodbath groove in that song.
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