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  • qman,can you review a bit your ATK305?? I have an ATK300 from the 90s,made in Jap,really awesome sounding and feels great.Never tried a bass that fits me that well.How's the korean 5 string version??
    Oh that's alright, just thought I'd ask, never hurts to ask, right? Sorry for the late response, hope I didn't sound like a douche by not replying.

    I completely understand and seriously that's one awesome ESP.
    You wouldn't happen to still have that Blue ESP mirage would you?

    If you do would you be interested in selling it?
    Ok, thanks very much for your help. I really dig the Charvel Strats, and I think I'd love to add a San Dimas to my collection.
    Hey dude. I really dig your guitar collection, very awesome stuff! I've recently found a blue Charvel San Dimas exactly like yours for a good price, and I'm really thinking of pulling the trigger on it it. But I have a couple of questions for you regarding the guitar. Is that the USA version, or MIJ? And are the pickup heights adjustable? I know that on some of the Japan-made models, the pickups are non-adjustable.
    If you could answer those questions for me, it'd be a big help. Thanks.
    :lol: I just saw the same profile pic on there, I still haven't joined over there, I just lurk the classifieds and read threads about doom. :)

    And yeah, I'm actually considering keeping it if I can sell off all of my 7621: I finally put a 9v in my bass (push/pull active passive) and the tone straight in active with the volume on 7 is orgasmic.

    And "way too" loud. :D
    Now I just hope that the volume's of it and the T can be dialed in to around the same levels but with THAT TONE, THAT TONE!
    well, can you guestamate? i mean, how wrong would i be if i were to say 'a cello is a cello regardless of what you pay'. why are the more expensive ones more expensive when the lower end ones are also using sitka spruce tops with ebony boards and all?

    and aside from the obvious, whats the difference between 4 and 5 string cellos?
    hey man,
    just wondering if you're familiar with the cellos being sold on ebay now a days. some of them are being sold from 100-300ish dollars. i'm wondering how much work would be required in order to make them playable?

    my gf used to play one about ten years ago, and i want her to get into it again...

    worse comes to worse, it may be a furniture prop on the side of a room looking all pretty and stuff...
    18 k? no kidding!
    btw, on ebay, they have random cellos for like a few hundred bucks. like 99-300ish or so. i know, the price is ridiculous comparing to 18k cellos, but are they that bad and garbage? i want to get a cello for my girlfriend as she used to play it about 10 years ago. cant really afford the bigguns at 500 plus, so...yeah
    the acoustic in your avatar. and in your profile, the flamed maple sides of it look even more beautiful! how long have you been playing cello for?
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