Apr 15, 2006
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Gearus Pimptasticus, from Out there, somewhere

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    1. technomancer
      :fawk: :rofl:
    2. Stealthdjentstic
      Give me your KxK's you bastard. :squint:
    3. technomancer
      Awesome dude, glad to hear you're out and can finally get your hands on that guitar \m/

      Hopefully the drugs get you back on your feet and back home soon :agreed:
    4. HighGain510
      Yes they let me out at 2pm. I am at CVS filling out my prescriptions then heading back to my folks house so I can unbox the Oni and relax. :)
    5. technomancer
      Flyers :fawk:
    6. technomancer
      I thought it was beautiful:fawk:

      EDIT: FUCKING HOSSA :rant:
    7. HighGain510
      Fucking BRIERE.... Flyers are down, so OF COURSE he has to go and give up another penalty. Ugh I hate him so much. :noplease: :lol:
    8. technomancer
      I don't use it live, but the Axe-Fx + 2/50/2 held up just fine for Tosin Abasi from Animals as Leaders when I saw them live a couple of months ago.
    9. Triple7
      Do you use your Axe-Fx in a live setting at all?

      I'm curious because I noticed you were using a VHT 2/50/2, and I was wondering if that would hold up good playing live. I am currently using a Carvin DCM 600 but I was thinking about upgrading.
    10. technomancer
      awesome, I've been waiting for some people to get some of his guitars and review them :D
    11. fretninjadave
      no I havent Its in the process of being made but I took a chance and its coming out beautiful you should check out my thread I just posted the headstock pics.
    12. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      haha awesome, man. I can't wait till I have one together.
    13. technomancer
      I've wanted a Steiny forever but just never got around to buying one, then the parts popped up so it was time :lol:
    14. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      very awesome, man. I'd just be happy to get a TT for a decent price. Originally I posted an add pretty much looking for any tt'd GM in decent shape, but I posted just today that I was willing to just purchase parts also. Like I said, just gotta play the waiting game. So where you a big fan of Steinbergers before hand or was it just one of those "thats a great deal, I better get in on that" things?
    15. technomancer
      Very cool. I actually lucked out and just saw the dude selling the trem and neck and jumped on them, and the seller pointed me at Luczak because that was who built his so Luczak already had the templates
    16. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      thats pretty much what I'm doing actually. Although I've talked to fretsong about the building part of it, he has great prices and does fantastic work. It'll come together eventually, its just all this waiting that sucks.
    17. technomancer
      You could always do what I did and watch the Steinberger yahoo group for used parts and then get Luczak to build you a body...
    18. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      oh well, back to the endless search for me. I can imagine myself with some Wile E Coyote style chalkboard filled with fatal ideas for obtaining that thing :lol:
    19. technomancer
      You probably will not... unless I get something else with the same wood combination and a graphite neck :rofl:
    20. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      Oh well I tried. :lol:

      I'll get that damn guitar from you if its the last thing I do. :mad: :lol:
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