Apr 15, 2006
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Gearus Pimptasticus, from Out there, somewhere

Super Moderator
    1. Randy
      I love old news, what about you?

      Animals As Leaders Music Video - CAFO
    2. vampiregenocide
      Thats cool :lol:
    3. vampiregenocide
      Ha ha well...maybe that'd be okay. :lol: Just a heads up though man, your reply didn't show up to me because you replied on your own profile, which is technically a messege to yourself. You have to click 'view conversation' under a comment and then reply on the page that comes up. But you probably know this and have a good reason for doing otherwise. :lol: I just thought I'd say.
    4. technomancer
      Not even if I later replace it with a matching fanned fret one? :rofl:
    5. vampiregenocide
      In regards to you selling the purple KxK, DON'T DO IT CAPTAIN
    6. technomancer
      I would say the answer to that is probably no as they're expensive and time consuming
    7. severussnape
      Do you know if kxk will build custom pickups for other guitars besides their own?
    8. technomancer
      I'm not even looking, those are just guys that have posted in my for sale thread :rofl:
    9. Stealthdjentstic
      You guys should find some monkeys to sit there and ban people for posting in the classifieds. :lol:
    10. technomancer
      The only way to replace them would to remove the recessed lock, fill it the hole with a glued in dowel, and then put on whatever you want. Pretty much any strap should work ok with them, I've used a bunch of different straps on different guitars from Dunlop nylon straps to various leather ones.
    11. 6Christ6Denied6
      kxk used flushmount strap buttons, ive tried looking up how they work but im not getting any good results.. i like to use cliplocks, is this going to be a problem?

      i know you have many kxks, what straps work well with those buttons and can they be easily replaced?
    12. technomancer
      Paid for being a mod :rofl: Nope, we're all volunteers. And no offense or problem at all. You'll find people that get banned are either clearly violating rules of the site or are repeatedly being assholes :2c:

      Also thanks man, I love my KxKs :metal:
    13. shadowsea
      Odd question, I was wondering if you made any cash being a mod for or if it was something non-profit you do for free time! I dont really know how being a mod on a forum works so its a very n00b question!

      I'm not wanting to be a mod, not trying to pry into your business, not trying to do anything to get banned or piss anybody off. I :3 too much! however felt it necessary to ask this, if you simply dont want to share with me thats fine too lol.

      also: those kxks are beasts man, i especially loved the grape one.

      looking forward to hearing from you and have a nice day sir!
    14. technomancer
      No problem. There are also ss-150 and ss-140c models too if you want more wattage.
    15. Empryrean
      Thank you sir Gearus Pimpasticus, I shall look further into this ss-70 :D
    16. technomancer
      Hmmm I had the 1x12 combo. I never did really crank it up so I'm not sure how loud it would get, but it definitely worked pretty well for home playing.
    17. Empryrean
      I kept refreshing to see if you replied on my profile :lol:

      I'm mainly looking for a nice amp to jam at home with; and maybe with buddies. would it be suited for small shows though?
      the ss-70 210 combo?
    18. technomancer
      The Ampeg ss series was the amp series immediately before the vh series. They're very similar but the vh is a bit more tube-like and more versatile IMHO. However if you're looking for the brutal the ss do a great job at it and can usually be found cheap.
    19. Empryrean
      Technomancer can you please educate me on the ampeg ss-70? I'm sorta in the process of 8 stringing and couldn't help but notice your post in the VH140c thread.
      Coincidentally, I am also in need of an amp or something; cause I sold me rig :(
      I digress; I would love to know more about the amplifier sir. :)
    20. technomancer
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