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  • I saw your post about the AW shirt in the shirt thread, and figured I'd ask: I'm selling 2 AW shirts, size L. Want me to send you pics?
    great man. I'm looking forward to hearing some of that material. I've been by my bands side as well. we have big shows coming up and hopefully release an album by January. besides that and collecting guitars, all is good!
    whats up dude?? are you still in that band/project you showed me way back "namaste"? Just wanted some links or at least the first song you wanted Lee from BoO to help you produce.
    Yeah man, I got to see the thread. I'm glad you got rid of all the dings and dents. A decent pickup combo you got going. All you're doing is cleaning it up? No more veneer?
    Hey man, just give me a text again. i need you to ship the 7620 to a different address. thanks again.
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